Despite obligations at her family business, this multi-faceted businesswoman is determined to break out on her own and inspire others to do the same

Penang-born Mei Tan has always identified herself as a 'creative'. The graphic interactive communication major started her professional career as a web designer at MTV International in New York. However, a duty to her family brought her back to Malaysia to join the family's property development business, Asia Green Group.

“I started from the bottom in administration. Later, I was transferred to the purchasing department before joining the project department where I got my hands 'dirty' working on construction plans and at construction sites,” she shares.

When she moved into the sales & marketing department, she was finally able to reconnect with her creative side. Mei was the creative director for many years before she was promoted to the company's chief operations officer & executive director.

Despite having all these responsibilities, she still yearned to start something of her own. At the end of 2016, she founded Scoopoint Co-Working & Incubation Space to shake up the entrepreneurial scene in Penang.

Below is a short excerpt from our chat with this dynamic young lady.

Why did you start your own business?

I used to think that I need to leave my family business to do my own things. As much as I did not want to leave my family and siblings, I longed to live a life of passion and purpose. Three years ago, I decided to follow my instinct and register my business.

Tell us more about your startup.

I started Scoopoint to help aspiring creative entrepreneurs and new startups. I wanted it to be a place where new talents can come together and create ideas that could become the next successful venture.

Now that Scoopoint has stablised, I'm now following a bigger dream to connect with the next generation in family businesses through investment opportunities across Asia. And that’s how Innovatif+ came to be.

How is the entrepreneurial scene in Penang?

Penang has great potential to grow. We need to aim higher, and step out of the island mindset. I strongly believe Penang entrepreneurs can set a vision ofd global standards for their companies and maintain the local culture at the same time.

There’s a misconception that Kuala Lumpur has more opportunities and resources compared to Penang. But people forget that the state is hub for manufacturing tech. This is a foundation that Penang entrepreneurs and startups can build upon to innovate.

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What can we expect from you before 2020?

I'm working on my dream to foster stronger ties between the next generation business owners and innovators in the technology and investment. It’s been challenging but it has taught me a lot and I've expanded my network in such a short space of time! I'm also excited for the Innovatif+ summit where I can show to the world what Penang can offer and do when it comes to disruption and growth,

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