If reality is stranger than fiction, then you wouldn’t be surprised to know that the colourful characters featured in the pages of Singapore Tatler lead lives that truly embody that crazy rich Asian spirit. In part one of this three-part series, we shine the spotlight on Calista Cuaca

Say the name Calista Cuaca and any millennial worth their weight in Instagram likes will be familiar with socialite Jamie Chua’s daughter. Better known as @xcalikins on Instagram, this social media superstar lives a privileged life, hitting the best parties in town, and always togged out in the coolest gear.

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And while this James Cook University marketing student boasts an enviable style, this is one fashionista who doesn’t believe in overhyped pieces and head‑to-toe designer looks.

We ask her what she really thinks about luxury and trends.

Do you think money can buy style?
Calista Cuaca (CC)
No. A lot of people just buy the most expensive things or a shirt that shows the logo in a really obvious way. Maybe it’s just not my style, but I feel like that’s not fashion, that’s just showing off.

Do you think you would be less stylish if you didn’t have as much money?
I don’t think so. I always wear clothes that make me feel confident. If I didn’t have money to buy something that I like, I’d find a cheaper alternative that’d still make me feel good wearing it.

Is luxury fashion actually getting way too expensive?
Yes, in some ways I think it might be. But there are also many pieces where hours of hard work and craftsmanship go into them. They could be heavily embroidered and embellished or completely handmade by the artisans in the atelier, so they deserve to be priced that way.

Do you think higher prices are a good way of ensuring luxury fashion remains exclusive?
Yes, this ensures that the items remain valuable and are not easily obtainable. So in that way, maybe it’s a good thing.

What is the most expensive item you own?
My Richard Mille RM 037 watch, which was a gift from my dad.

Do you find these items worth purchasing?
Logo tees: Yes.
Designer Crocs: No, I can’t even walk in them!
Novelty purses: Yes.
Fur slippers: Yes! I love them.
A brick from Supreme: Yes, for the aesthetics.
Gowns you can only wear once: Yes, it’s great for special occasions!

Watch the video below to see what our society friends say are must-dos for a uniquely Singaporean experience...


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Desmond Lim
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