Cover Teams are not just tested in the meeting rooms but also on the field, as they begin each episode with a physical challenge

Who will emerge victorious in The Apprentice: One Championship Edition and earn the right to become CEO Chatri Sityodtong's protege?

As we catch our favourite reality TV game shows, we often indulge in rooting for our favourite contestants and maybe vilifying others as part of the fun. The Apprentice: One Championship Edition, which is now showing on cable channel AXN and free-to-air TV, is no exception with 16 hopefuls competing to be the next protege to One Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong. Here’s the Tatler Singapore guide to which contestants are worth looking out for. (Caution: Spoilers ahead.)

The first on our list is Monica Millington (below) from Team Valor. Not only did she display herself as a good team player, but she had also shown a keen understanding of the challenge when defending the importance of the use of box packaging as part of the proposed One Championship home kit. Despite the pushback she received from the team manager Clinton Tudor, she was able to communicate her point objectively and clearly without escalating the conflict. Her level temperament and acumen is a good indicator of her capabilities. Potentially someone that could go far in this competition.

Tatler Asia
Above Jessica Ramella from Team Valor

Next is Jessica Ramella from Team Valor. She has shown herself to be resourceful, flexible, and an excellent people’s person, as she capably managed the communication of the team, providing structure and clarity. Ramella was also unanimously considered to be the real project manager of her team during the proceedings of the boardroom. The outlook for Ramella is strong, having gained the approval of not only co-judges Sityodtong and Singh but also her team as a good leader. With her experience as the head of sales and partnerships at international software firm Enterpryze, Ramella proves herself a strong contender, lending credence to our position that she is a contestant worth rooting for.

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Above Louie Sangalang from Team Valor

Another member to make our list is Team Valor’s Louie Sangalang. Observant, confident and highly experienced in the martial arts field, Sangalang has many qualities that would make a good candidate as Sityodtong’s protege. As the head of procurement for Neovitrus Consulting—a firm specialising in procurement and solutions—coupled with his extensive experience with martial arts, he was quick to identify the items that should go into the One Championship home kit without clear direction from the team. With these attributes in mind, Sangalang stands to be a strong contender by sheer experience alone and is definitely someone to watch.

We have Nazee Sajedi, Team Conquest’s first project manager. Nazee has displayed a strong sense of decisiveness, discernment, and direction. At the beginning of the challenge, she was quick to determine the roles best suited to her teammates as well as acting as a moderator to incubate contributions from her team effectively. Not only coming from the predominately male-dominated industry of aviation, her most recent stint with Skyports, an aviation mobility company, as the head of operations is also a testament to her instinct and expertise as a leader. She will be a strong figure to watch as she grows from challenge to challenge.

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Above Nazee Sajedi from Team Conquest
Tatler Asia
Above Lara Pearl Alvarez from Team Conquest

And finally, we believe that Lara Pearl Alvarez from Team Conquest is the underdog to watch. Despite having been underestimated by her teammates when they overlooked and spoke over her during the first challenge, she is recognised by Sityodtong as a valuable member even in his criticisms of her in the first episode: “You are the most experienced martial artist out of everyone here on the team, and yet the product was complete crap. It does not speak to the martial artist, it doesn’t speak to the martial arts fan.”

Despite finding herself on the chopping block at the conclusion of the first challenge, her tenacity and desire to defend her place in the competition after the setback, having the strength to pick herself up again. As a single mother, she has made it clear that she is competing to give a better life to her son. This is a scrappiness not to be ignored, as it oft indicates a drive and determination that can hardly be rivalled. Alvarez is not a candidate to be underestimated.