Our March 2017 cover girl shares her tips on navigating the fast and furious world of street fashion


1. It's about being in the know
"The clothes are not expensive, but they are hard to get. You have to do your research, and the key pieces always sell out very quickly, so you have to be very alert and fast to get hold of the pieces you want. In London, the popular streetwear brands are Palace and Supreme; my cupboard is filled with Supreme. I’m also very into sneakers, so I always try to stay updated about the new releases. I collect Yeezys, certain Nike and Adidas releases, and also Drip Trainers by Carol Christian Poell—those are for display, not wearing. They are like art to me."

2. But there's so much more than just Supreme and Palace
"When I came to London, I fell in love with underground brands like Rick Owens and Thom Browne, which have developed massive cult followings. I love these brands’ unique designs, and I wear them on days when I want to be a little more edgy."

3. Street fashion has encroached into the sphere of high fashion
"For example, the essence of street culture is deeply ingrained in a brand like Vetements, and you can also find subtle hints of that culture now in brands like Gucci and Dior. This not only helps to bring new life into these brands, but also helps street fashion gain more popularity and versatility."

4. Mix streetwear with high fashion
"The contrast helps to bring out the character of the pieces. For example, streetwear tends to be very boyish, so I might pair a T-shirt from a street brand with a skirt or statement shorts from a high fashion label like Margiela or Versace. I also think that for bags, you have to stay classic. I like the exotic pieces from Louis Vuitton, made with materials like python and stingray skins."

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5. All about hip-hop and skateboarding
"Most streetwear brands are male-dominant and don’t often make clothes for women. I tend to buy the small sizes, and sometimes I will cut up the pieces to make them work for me. But most of the time, I’m very emotionally attached to the pieces that were very hard to get, and I don’t want to spoil them."

6. Get your key pieces right
"The Box Logo tees, for example, and high-profile collaborations hard to get. If you go to resale sites like Grailed, the prices are always jacked up like crazy. For me, even if I’m following a trend, I still want to stay true to myself and express my identity and individualism. I will still choose what I like from each collection, even if these are not the pieces that everybody likes."

7. Be interested in other aspects of street culture
"I collect limited-edition skateboards, and I’ve been listening to a lot of rap music. A$AP Rocky is one of my biggest fashion inspirations. He references a lot of fashion brands in his music, like Fashion Killa. That song's music video stars Rihanna, and I love her style. A$AP also models for Dior Homme, and I’m inspired by the way he collects iconic archive pieces. He is the reason why I like archive pieces by Raf Simons."

Fashion Direction: Desmond Lim

Photography: Darren Gabriel Leow

Hair and Make-Up: Sha Shamsi/Indigo Artisans and Cheryl Ow/Indigo Artisans

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