The Hong Kong businesswoman and Grammy Award-winning rapper have launched Studio SV, a forward-thinking film production company

Hong Kong businesswoman and Tatler 500 lister Bonnie Chan-Woo has teamed up with Grammy Award-winning artist Lupe Fiasco to launch Studio SV. The pair says that the film production company aims to inject a healthy dose of disruptiveness—for which Lupe has been known for in his rapping career—to bring some edge to the industry.

"At our core, we seek to nurture and champion creative talent who have like-minded visions of creating exceptional cross-cultural content that can be enjoyed universally—not just in specific countries or regions," Lupe said in a statement.

Kung fu & hip-hop

Studio SV’s first project will be a docuseries called Beat N Path, which follows Lupe's travels through China to expand his knowledge on two of his passions—martial arts and hip-hop—as he practices with the country’s great Kung Fu masters while exploring the nation’s burgeoning hip-hop scene. 

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Eastern culture, particularly martial arts, has been a subtle but prevalent subtext in hip-hop. Take The Wu-Tang Clan for example and, in particular, The RZA, who has acted in, produced and scored a number of martial arts movies. Lupe's love of martial arts is also well documented, and the Chicago native regularly posts videos on Instagram showing off his Iaido skills.

"Our first series was hatched from an idea I had to capture, on camera, Lupe's experience in China, where he ventured on a journey of introspective thinking through the practice of martial arts, a personal passion of his," says Chan-Woo, a former investment banker who is now the chairperson of the marketing and management company, Icicle Group.

"As we examined our combined resources, and the landscape of the entertainment industry, we saw a tremendous opportunity for a new approach."

What's next?

Based in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, Studio SV has big plans and Beat N Path is only the beginning. The company plans to produce at least 10 original titles over the next three to five years, with three titles already planned for completion in 2018. Watch this space. 

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