Many people are devoted to actress Siti Saleha, but none quite as much as her husband, Ahmad Lutfi. The second part of our Love Letters Series features Ahmad Lufti, loving and doting wife to Siti Saleha, and his penned down thoughts of love for his wife.

My dearest Saleha,

Growing up in Istanbul, it is only fitting to say it in Turkish, “Seni seviyorum.”

Here we are, in union bound by a force so powerful. The responsibility upon me so mighty, to care for us and in time a family to carry our baton years ahead.

It was beyond love at first sight, and in a split moment I was putting a ring on you. For this, I must thank Beyonce, for her words of wisdom.

My love, I am so proud of you. You’ve fought through life with vigour and tenacity. Your success is a testament of that. Pursue your dreams, don’t hold back and I’ll be beside you every step of the way. 

So my love, here’s to our adventure together, through life and after.


Your husband, Lutfi


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Ahmad Lutfi and Siti Saleha

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