In our three-part Mother’s Day special, we ask three Tatler mums to write a heart-felt letter to the latest additions to their family, reveal their motherhood journey, as well as the hopes and wishes for their youngest children. Here, Dr Jade Kua shares her excitement of being a “new mum” again, and the love she has for eight-month-old son, Marcel as well as the rest of her “M” squad.


Taylor Swift has her own squad which comprises the likes of Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham and Karlie Kloss. Here in Singapore, emergency medicine specialist, Jade Kua also has her own.

Together with husband, Emil Teo, the couple has six children — ranging from eight months old to 17 years old, and all their names begin with the letter M. That makes Jade and her husband the leaders of their “M” squad. The youngest of the lot is Marcel, an irresistibly cute and cheery child.

At our Mother’s Day photo shoot, Jade tells us that she’s only slept for an hour, even though we can’t trace any sign of tiredness. Instead, she’s all smiles and camera ready.

Just like his mum, Marcel also has the same warm personality, and he doesn’t seem to mind having strangers around the house. In fact, he enjoys the company and when posing next to his mum, his ever-ready smile spreads joy and laughter across the room.

Jade shares with us a letter she’s written for her little Marcel, whom she affectionately calls M6.

Dimple Aswani and Michelle Eng join us for our Letters from Mum series.

My Darling M6,

Your Papa and I had been waiting for you for a long time, so when we learnt that you were in our lives we were overjoyed. When I had you, the pregnancy journey was an awfully big adventure fraught with several ill bouts, but nonetheless, you bravely pulled through.

You do have many people to thank, including my kind colleagues at the Children’s Emergency who supported me throughout the ups and downs. When things got better, Aunty Paige and Aunty Rany threw a baby shower in your honour and we made some hand-painted gifts for you.

Your siblings Marion (M5) and Mark (M4) were extremely excited and they could hardly wait for your arrival. They were always keeping close tabs on your progress, asking me months in advance when your due date was — often daily and sometimes, even on an hourly basis.

I remember feeling so thrilled as we prepared your room together as a family. Your older sisters Mariena (M3) and Mariesa (M2) helped me set up the crib and made space for your clothes and swaddle cloths. We couldn’t help but smile as we looked at all the familiar baby things that we were putting aside for you.

On the morning you were born, your eldest brother, Martin (M1) made it just in time to hold you in his arms before he had to rush to the airport and fly back for boarding school. We often marvel at what a remarkably happy baby you are, and perhaps it is because you know a most wonderful secret: That you will always have the unconditional love and support of your parents and all your brothers and sisters no matter what happens.


 Photography: Darren Gabriel Low.
Hair and makeup: Adelene Siow, PaletteInc

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