In this digital age, the art of writing has almost entirely disappeared, thanks to instant messages and social media. Yet, nothing quite triggers emotions like a heart-warming letter that's been carefully penned, signed off and delivered. This Father's Day, we ask dads to write a letter to their little ones, to share their deepest thoughts on fatherhood and their favourite milestones that they have crossed with their children. The result will leave you smiling (and perhaps shedding some tears).


May 14, 2016: The day Choo Ken-Yi unlocked another milestone. It was the day of the arrival of his first child with Stephanie Lee, a baby boy the couple would name Max, and he was going to change his life forever.

One year on, father and son have a stronger bond than ever thanks to their shared curiosity about life and playful personality. Here, Ken-Yi pens a letter to his mini-me, reminiscing the adorable firsts they have had together and adventures he hopes they will take in the future. 

Dear Max,

Mama and Dada want to tell you how much we love you and how much joy you have brought to our lives.

I remember the moment we welcomed you to the world. I was there! I still can’t exactly describe the emotions felt (I'm sure Mama felt more)… it was a flurry of action!

You turned one in May, and I'm reminiscing how much we've experienced together in the last 12 months. I remember the first grin you flashed as you laid in your cot at just five days old—it was a cheeky one. Then, there was that first cry of bewilderment after I let loose a caveman-type yawn when you were two months old. I also remember your first cry of pain at three months old when you lost balance and knocked your head upon while watching me do some filing work. There was our first swim together at Gong Gong’s house, where you kicked so hard out of excitement that you propelled yourself forward at such speed! And then, there was the day you spoke your first words... and how your vocabulary has grown from Mama, Nana and Dada to also include ball, bear and apple. Finally, there's the cute way you point to the sky whenever you hear a plane fly past.

Mama and Dada can’t wait to spend more time with you; to laugh over your first shank of the golf ball, watch you eat your first burger messily and cry with you when you are sad.

We want you to know that we will always be there for you when you need a hug or to chat, and to celebrate your happiness, love and successes.

Thank you, son, for teaching me about unconditional love. Thank you for teaching me a silent lesson in how much your Yeye and Nana have sacrificed unconditionally for me, too, without me fully appreciating it until now.

You are truly God’s gift to Mama and Dada.

Love you always,

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