Known for her cool and effortless style, content creator and model Jenny Tsang reveals how she got her start in the industry and what inspired her to launch her minimal essentials clothing label byTsang

If Jenny Tsang’s Instagram account is anything to go by, the Hong Kong-born, California-raised content creator knows how to serve good style all year long. Creating effortless ensembles is her forte; pairing oversized coats and combat boots or flowy dresses and sneakers, she strikes the right balance between masculine and feminine each time. 

When she isn’t creating content for nearly 300,000 followers or working on her clothing brand byTsang, she has a deep-rooted passion for dance—both jazz and hip hop—a skill she says she picked up in high school. “My all-time favourite song to dance to is Missy Elliott’s Lose Control,” she says. Find out what her typical workday looks like and what she bought with her first paycheck below.

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What does Hong Kong mean to you? 

Hong Kong is my second home. Although I moved to the US when I was six years old, I spent every summer back in Hong Kong during my school years. 

Where did you study and what was your first job?

I graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where I majored in art direction and design. I was recruited to be an art director at an advertising agency in Los Angeles during my final year. 

How did you make your start in the digital world with Tsangtastic? 

I started a fashion-focused blog in 2014 while I was still a full-time art director. I used to write about the trends that I was into, the outfits I wore and any new pieces that I purchased. At that time, Instagram was starting to become the main social media platform for people to post their outfit of the day (#OOTD) photos, so I did the same with the looks I wore to work. I never thought this would change my life.

What does a typical workday look like?

I usually wake up around 9am. I eat breakfast, feed my dog and start answering emails. Sometimes I will have Zoom meetings with my manager and/or clients. After lunch, I go out with my photographer to shoot photos. We come home, review the content we shot then edit until about 6pm. 

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Above Photo: Jenny Tsang

Where do you get the ideas for your content from? 

My boyfriend Jerry Lai has been my photographer since the beginning of this journey. He and I brainstorm almost every day. Sometimes we take out the camera, close our eyes and see what we can shoot. That way we are never limiting ourselves to specific angles and proportions. 

Describe your style in three words.

Minimalist. Effortless. Modern.

What are three pieces of clothing every woman should have in their wardrobe?

An oversized long coat. An oversized blazer and tailored pants. 

What was the inspiration behind your brand, byTsang?

I wanted to be able to relate to my audience and provide them with quality and classic pieces that I knew they would cherish. The demands on the modern woman change every single day and I wanted to create clothes that keep up with them. We offer international shipping for most countries around the world. Our best-selling pieces are the handmade, double-faced, wool-blend weave coats and oversized jackets that are currently sold out. I went to China myself to source the best fabric to guarantee a fine and luxurious quality. We work closely with our manufacturer to ensure the finishes are perfect and ensure that seamless look. 

What do you think is the best thing about being an influencer? And worst?

The best thing about being an influencer is getting to work with a lot of brands I admire. We cherish every relationship we have with brands and the people we work with because this is not something that I could do at my previous job. The worst part is that there is no such thing as an “off” day. 

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Above Photo: Jenny Tsang

Your passion for dance is something you talk openly about. Where does that stem from?

I started dancing jazz and hip hop during junior high. It became my biggest hobby when I was a teenager. My all-time favourite song to dance to is Missy Elliott’s Lose Control. As an immigrant, there was always an invisible wall to connect with other races. Although it was not something that I realised at a young age, when I started to dance and joined the dance team at school, it almost opened a new relationship with others where we had no barriers. The teamwork and music brought us all together. Unfortunately, I don't have any references or recordings of me dancing, as I lost them all during a move. 

What is one thing you wish your followers knew?

The effort we put into location-scouting for our shoots. 

How do you deal with internet trolls?

The best way is to ignore them.

What are you hilariously bad at?

I always bump into or hit things when I’m walking. For example, even when I know there is a sharp table corner somewhere, somehow my arm or foot will still bump into it. 

What product or service do you love so much that you would happily be their spokesperson?

Besides fashion, I love sushi so much, especially omakase experiences. If there are any Japanese restaurants specifically looking for an influencer for their omakase, I’ll be the first one to sign up [laughs]. 

What was the first thing you bought after you realised you had made it?

I treated my parents to a month-long, all-expenses-paid trip to Asia. It was in 2018, around Father’s Day. They first went to Hong Kong, then Korea, Taiwan and Shanghai. This was the first time I ever saw my dad’s happy tears.

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