Cover Angie Ting tells us her favourite part about being a woman. (Photo courtesy of Angie Ting).

This International Women’s Day, we're rounding up quotes from strong and powerful women in the Tatler community

Who run the world? Girls! Being a woman is pretty incredible and I’m reminded of this fact every single day––through conversations with my #BossBabe of a mother and sister to chats with my strong and empowering friends who push me to be better every day. Though we’re given just one day a year to mark the occasion, I believe every day is women’s day, and supporting the achievements of women is a daily responsibility.

Hear what Claudia Shaw, Dee Poon and Queenie Rosita-Law have to say about being a woman––and make sure you blast Beyoncé in the background for extra inspiration. Lastly, Happy International Women’s Day!

1. Claudia Shaw, head of style advisory, Chanel Asia Pacific

"I absolutely love being a woman and would not swap it for a second. There is no life without women. Women shape the world. Without women there would be no human species—this is an awesome fact and we need to truly appreciate how amazing it is to be a woman. It is time we all start believing in how amazing we are. We are not the weaker sex; we are the softer sex."

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2. Feiping Chang, content creator

“Being a woman means being free to be whoever you want to be with thoughtfulness, grace and compassion. I love both the innate strength and sensitivity we have as women. A woman can not only succeed in anything she sets her mind to, but also accomplish that while juggling multiple roles, enduring the physical demands of childbirth and being the glue that holds a family together. Women are incredible beings.” 

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3. Christy Liang, The Lace Atelier

“I love the complexity that comes with being a woman along with the incredible amount of choices I’m afforded. I love the strength, beauty, and superhuman ability to juggle multiple roles that are often associated with womanhood, as well as the fact that we can create, nurture, and steward the next generation is an extraordinary privilege. I love the amount of compassion women innately have for those around them. However, as women, we often doubt our ability to really do it all and I would argue that women shouldn’t push themselves to do so. Do what you can in the different seasons of your life and do it well. Most importantly, remember that you are enough.”

4. Queenie Rosita Law, founder of Q Contemporary

“I don’t feel there should be a specific day to celebrate women; it should be every day of every year. The fact that women give birth, that they nurture the human form of life in their body, is worthy of reflection all the time.”

5. Carmen Choi, founder of Galerie C

“Family and friends are like sunshine and with the support of those around you, a woman can blossom like a beautiful flower. Women are loving, caring and cheerful; it’s in our nature.”

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6. Sarah Zhuang, jewellery designer

“Being a woman is about multitasking while finding balance. We’re kind but not weak; strong but gentle; intelligent but humble; passionate but rational. I love that we can dress up, look pretty and at the same time, be as bossy and capable as men. The most awesome part is that we can grow human beings inside our bodies and bring them into the world.”

7. Dee Poon, managing director, brands and distribution, Esquel Group

“Being a woman today means that every possibility is open to me. Being a woman is amazing because of the myriad opportunities we have. Choosing a life path is filled with many trade-offs but having so many options is a true blessing”.

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8. Angie Ting, founder of Apple Park and Organic Farm Buddies

“A woman is someone who is able to balance pursuing a career and managing a household. I also love that, as a woman, I am more free to express myself through my wardrobe than men might be.”

9. Cara Li, co-founder of Matchali

“What I love about being a woman is being surrounded by other inspiring women. I have a network of amazing and strong women within my family and at work. Matchali is founded by me and my cousin Laura and we are a female run start-up. Our management team also has a lot of women in it. We have a lot of fun at work while also working hard and being compassionate. I hope one day I can inspire others to follow their dreams and pursue whatever it is they want to do.”

10. Fiona Römer, senior director of Hauser & Wirth

“I never question myself as a woman. I grew up in the art world and have been exposed to different cultures and international crowds since childhood. I am lucky that I’ve never encountered any limitations related to my gender, and was instead surrounded by family and friends who were supportive of my passions and dreams. I very much enjoy working with extraordinary female artists across generations in our gallery’s program—from Louise Bourgeois to Avery Singer. As women, we can be sensitive and creative while being strong, passionate and adventurous in transforming our dreams into visions.”

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11. Joanna Lui Hickox

"I love the variety of roles we as women get to play in life. We do not have to choose as  women once might have, even a single generation ago. There is every reason now to be a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, a career builder or all of these at once. Bless supportive husbands and fathers that also help enable and encourage us. "

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