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To mark International Cat Day 2019, meet 12 Hong Kong cats who are living their best lives

Peanut and Black Sugar

Laurinda Ho's family cats, Peanut and Black Sugar, are both just as photogenic as Laurinda, who's the daughter of Stanley Ho. Look how they smize for the camera...


Hong Kong sneaker collector and Generation T 2018 honouree Ross Yip's cat Dory is—like her owner—super chill. Follow her for the most adorable expressions and sitting postures.


One of Tatler's 30 Most Pampered Pets in Hong Kong, Vena Cheng's cat Mimi is so spoiled, she only eats Japanese cat food that gets shipped into Hong Kong.


A purebred Persian, 16-year-old Minky is Francisco Anton-Serrano's cat (he also has a Chow Chow named Barney)—the gang were featured in Tatler's 30 Most Pampered Pets In Hong Kong.

Francisco is the founder of Hong Kong-based photographic and production agency, Fast Management, and often shares photos of his furbabies on his Instagram.


Born in Belgium and raised in Hong Kong, Gaja is a purebred Maine Coon cat who lives with her sister (tuxedo cat Smudge), dad (chef Guillaume Galliot of Caprice) and mum (freelance writer Juliana Loh). Follow Smudge and Gaja to see plenty of rope-chasing videos.

Egbert and Cheese Puff

The main 'meow-del' for our Christmas gift ideas video shoot last year, Egbert van der Toenibbler is a black and white exotic shorthair who loves chasing laser pointers, eating hand-shredded chicken breast and pouncing on his big brother, Cheese Puff, when he's least expecting it. 

Muak Muak and Long Long

Not only are Muak Muak and Long Long purebred bengal cats (aka. one of the most exotic breeds of cats you can get in Hong Kong), they're also the only cats we know with their very own cat treadmill at home—not to mention a massage chair and sky-high views of Hong Kong at their window. 

Whiskey and Gin

Adopted from LAP by Generation T 2016 honouree, Victoria Chow (founder of The Woods and all-around cocktail expert), Whiskey and Gin are often seen tip-toeing around Tori's impressive collection of spirits and basking in the natural light of her beautifully decorated apartment.

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