With the 2018 FILA Cup coming this March 18, we sit down with Butch and Cris Albert to talk about Polo, advocacy, and what’s in store for the famed company.

FILA started in the Philippines in 1983 and since then it has become a go-to for world-class apparel and sports shoes. Behind the iconic brand is Jose Marie  "Butch" Tordesillas Albert (Chairman, Fila Isport Life, Inc.) and Maricris A.S. Albert (President, Fila Isport Life, Inc.). As partners, both Butch and Cris continue to develop FILA for the Philippine market's growing needs all the while adapting to its ever-changing identity. Philippine Tatler talks to the dynamic couple about the upcoming FILA Cup, which is held annually at the Manila Polo Club. To find out more about this sporting event for a cause, read on below: 


Philippine Tatler: When did you start playing Polo and Why?

Butch Albert: I started playing Polo about 12 years ago – a late start compared to most players who start as kids. FILA had been sponsoring Polo for over 20 years now. Cris and I watch the games quite often. I found it very interesting and challenging and eventually decided to try playing; I was instantly hooked.

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PT: Why host a yearly FILA Polo Cup?

BA: FILA had always supported sports at Manila Polo Club. FILA CEO, Cris Albert, found the events to be mutually beneficial for both Manila Polo Club and FILA.

PT: Tell us more about the beneficiary of the Fila Cup?

BA: The FILA Cup is an event that helps create awareness for our advocacy. At the moment, we are focused on promoting fostering and adoption of orphans and abandoned children through iFoster. Moreover, through Operation Compassion (www.operationcompassion.ph) where I serve as President, we are also developing communities left by calamities.

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PT: What are the plans for Fila in the next 5 years?

Cris Albert: We’re looking at a new partnership with a multi-national company for an enigmatic line I cannot disclose just yet. A new corporate model will be the back bone of our distribution & marketing and the most luxurious of collaborations aims to embody the depth of our brand equity.

The pinnacle of the year is expansion – Fila apparel and accessories will set a new cool in European fashion.

Starting with fun pop-up shops and a heightened presence of the most stylish of influencers in art, music and fashion. Finally, our ecommerce is up and running. Ready to take on demands from fashion Netizens. This is Fila and Beyond.

The Fila Summer Polo Cup 2018 will be held at the Manila Polo Club on March 18, 2018. The event will also showcase the Fila Summer Collection. 

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