The future of lab-grown diamonds is a hot topic in the jewellery world. Industry experts joined Tatler watches and jewellery director Annie Darling for an in-depth edition of Tatler House Stories on the rise of the gems’ popularity

When and where? June 23 at the Sky Lounge at The Upper House

Who? Leslie Roskind, head of jewellery for Bonhams Hong Kong, Hpone-Phyo Kan-Nyunt, head of laboratory at Gübelin Gem Lab, and Nicholas Chow, founder and director of 5 + 2 Weekdays + Weekends

Here’s what you missed: Each panellist brought different perspectives to the table. Chow emphasised man-made stones’ practicalities, which include cost and wearability. However, Kan-Nyunt said the charm of mined diamonds lies in their unpredictability. “Chemically and structurally the diamonds are the same; the difference is that mined diamonds have rarity, which lab diamonds do not have.” With the need for more environmentally and ethically sound practices for diamond mining, lab-grown diamonds have become popular among eco-conscious buyers. As for the potential resale value of lab-made stones, Roskind was sceptical. Though with major jewellery players like DeBeers having launched their own lab-grown jewellery brand Lightbox in 2018, future debates on man-made diamonds might not be as polarised. “It’s always interesting to attract new clients and it’s important to know what the next generation is buying,” Roskind said.

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