We sat down with the fundraising committee member of the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children to chat inspirations and staying positive

Jacqueline Chow wears many philanthropic hats. She’s on the board of the YWCA, is an executive member of the Spastics Association of Hong Kong and is an independent school manager at the Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired. But the organisation that is closest to her heart is the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, because her late great-grandmother May Woo, was among its founding members.

A Brown University graduate, Jacqueline was working in finance until she found her passion in helping others. She has been a fundraising member of the HKSPC since 2002 and was the chairwoman for the fundraising committee from 2013 to 2016.

The society, which was founded in 1926, opened its first baby health centre in 1951, and has since evolved to provide shelter, education and health services to orphaned, abandoned and underprivileged children.

“Being one of the most established organizations in the field, HKSPC currently operates 27 service units serving children aged 0 to 16 and their families,” says Jacqueline. “We serve around 3,000 children a day.”

As part of the executive committee, Jacqueline is planning to further develop and consolidate service expertise on child development and parent education and support, with emphasis on early identification and intervention of children at risk of developmental disabilities.

What drove you to volunteer?

My great-grandmother, May Woo, was one of the founding members of the organisation. My mother also volunteered for more than 20 years prior to my participation, so I have been highly aware of this charity since I was very young.  Being able to give back to the community, and help the underprivileged is truly an honour and a worthwhile life experience for me.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your philanthropic work?

The number of NGOs and charities worldwide is growing every day, so fundraising is only getting more competitive and challenging.  Even though I am no longer the chairperson for the fundraising committee, I still work to recruit new blood regularly. One of the people who I helped sign up was Cecilia Cheung, who joined two years ago.  Our committee also welcomes new fund-raising ideas to match the fast-moving and digital oriented world.

What are your most important values? 

Contributing back to the community, helping others especially the underprivileged, gives me a much stronger sense of joy and satisfaction compared to anything else.  Staying positive is the key and I would like to bring even more positive energy to rest of the world especially to my family, loved ones.

What can we do to help?

Direct donations would help support the running of our non-sub-vented Children & Families Services Centres and projects, including Assessment for Developmental Disabilities of Young Children, Parent Child Play and Community Kitchen Project. We are also hosting our annual charity golf day on 4th May at the Hong Kong Fanling Golf Club of which Cecilia Cheung is co-chairing.

For further details, please visit our website hkspc.org

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