Our October 2018 issue marks 500 issues for Hong Kong Tatler—and what better way to celebrate this milestone than to look to the future, as we focus on science, space exploration and the incredible innovators who are paving the way

Reaching for the stars 

Exploring space and the finding life on other planets has intrigued human beings for centuries—now, with countless scientific breakthroughs and such advanced tehcnology, we're finally able to take some pretty huge steps to uncover the mysteries of the universe. 

Our October 2018 cover stars, billionaire philanthropist Yuri Milner and his wife Julia, are doing just that. Together, they founded Breakthrough Prize, which awards six prizes each year to outstanding scientists. Each award comes with a cash payment of US$3 million, nearly three times that of a Nobel Prize.

"When you look at our projects, they all assume that our planet is one: we’re looking for [alien] civilisations. And if we establish communication, I don’t think we will be telling them about our different countries. We are not going to be talking about elections. We will be talking about what makes us human," says Yuri, a former physicist turned tech mogul.

"In a thousand years we will be one world. And, by the way, a thousand years is a very short period of time in the 14-billion-year history of our universe.”

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Generations of innovation 

In our "Rocket Men" feature, we highlight three billionaires who are in a race to realise affordable space travel within our lifetime; Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, Elon Musk's Space X and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin. The question is: who's winning, and are they chasing the same goal? 

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We also cover some truly remarkable young men and women in "Bright Young Things", as we look into winners past and present of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, which brings more young people from around the world into science, tehcnology, engineering and mathematics. 

Remembering the good times

It wouldn't be right for us to celebrate 500 issues without digging into the Hong Kong Tatler archives—specifically at the editions marking the four previous centennial milestones starting with our 100th issue in June 1985 when we reported on the "business, cultural, social and sporting life of Hong Kong."

Needless to say, we had a ball looking back at the good times, as we look forward to many, many more. 

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