There are few things more inspiring than women empowering other women. To celebrate International Women's Day, we asked some Hong Kong Tatler society friends to tell us about their #WCW and how they inspire them

Tansy Lau-Tom

"My hero is Dr Jane Goodall. She made the world realise that chimpanzees have social and family interactions, and that we should respect wildlife and be kind to animals. Her endless efforts in animal welfare and nature conservancy inspire me to take action on the causes that we care about."Tansy Lau-Tom, co-founder of EcoDrive HK 

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Kayla Wong

"The woman who inspires me at the moment is Christina Dean from Redress. She was a pioneer in starting the movement of sustainable fashion in Hong Kong and continues to do great work in pushing the movement forward."Kayla Wong, founder of Basics for Basics

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Bonnie Chan-Woo

"I would say I draw inspiration from Yoko Ono.  She refused to conform to the traditional role of a well-to-do woman casted on her by a conservative Japanese upbringing, and fought hard to carve her own destiny as a peace activist leveraging her art and fame."Bonnie Chan-Woo, CEO of Icicle Group and the co-founder of Studio SV

Denise Ho

"I read about Annette Kellerman recently and she was the first woman to wear a one-piece swimsuit during the 1900s. Women were expected to wear a dress or pantaloons to swim during that time, and she fought again the norm (and later got arrested). She was truly the first woman to have that 'wear it and own it' attitude and I think she is awesome."—Denise Ho, founder of Knotti

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Feiping Chang

"One of the many women that inspires me is Miuccia Prada. She has always gone against the fashion grain and continues to be ahead of her time with her creativity and feminist stance. Her belief that women don’t have to look a certain cliched way in order to convey a certain message is a rule I live by."—Feiping Chang, Hong Kong-based influencer

Sharie Ross-Tse

"Oprah Winfrey because of her infectious and sincere ability to connect with people with articulate ease. Christiane Amanpour for her frontline reportage in war zones,  and her honest, objective interviews with world leaders, and always making it her mandate to ensure her audience is fully informed of all angles of a story. Michelle Yeoh for being our ever-present Asian in Hollywood without ever compromising her roots. She was around a long time before Crazy Rich Asians. All of these women resonate with me for their focus, grit, determination and knowing that success comes with legwork. They are self-made, despite obstacles of gender or race, and their dedication, struggles achievements inspire us all."—Sharie Ross-Tse, co-founder and director of Reviv

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