The Asia Pacific Director of Opera Gallery speaks about purchasing art online and the best places to shop for art.  

Stéphane Le Pelletier, the Asia Pacific Director of Opera Gallery, is currently busy with the Urban Art exhibition, which runs until February 8.

When it comes to buying art, what is your game plan?

There isn’t really any game plan when it comes to buying art. The process of buying art should be joy and fuss free. After all, you are purchasing something that gives you viewing pleasure. Ultimately, your top priority should be the artwork that provides you with utmost happiness and satisfaction.

Where are the best places to shop for art?

Always look for a reputable gallery that carries a good range of established contemporary works and masterpieces.

Opera Gallery (Photo courtesy of Opera Gallery)

What's the biggest mistake people make when it comes to buying art?

There are no mistakes when it comes to buying art. It is undeniable that you would have to do just a little bit of homework before buying and this gathering of knowledge would help to you to appreciate an artwork even more. Most importantly, to make good decisions when buying art, don’t hesitate to ask the gallery assistants or gallery manager for help. At Opera Gallery, we welcome people who love, appreciate, and seek to learn to appreciate art.

What is your advice for someone buying art online?

The internet is incredibly big, limitless. It is important to ensure that there is guarantee. Compared to traditionally buying art from an art gallery, online art buyers will miss one of the bigger and more fun aspects of buying art, the opportunity to experience and see it in the flesh. Ultimately, when it comes to buying art online, it is advisable to ensure that you have a close and reliable relationship with the person or the online company you are buying art from.

Who are some of your favourite artists in your personal collection?

My favourite artists are painter Lita Cabellut, photographer Gérard Rancinan and Stephane Graff.

At the moment, I’m very interested in Urban Art. The genre has evolved in a way that it is providing very refreshing sights. Urban artists are revolutionising the way we perceive mediums, enriching us with their outlooks on the world’s development. It’s very exciting. 

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