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Fresh from the Instagram accounts of cast members Mae Tan, Tabitha Nauser, Sukki Singapora, Nicole Ong, Vinny Sharp, and Paul Foster

With Season 2 of Singapore Social still up in the air, where are Mae Tan, Tabitha Nauser, Sukki Singapora, Nicole Ong, Vinny Sharp and Paul Foster in their lives right now? If you're not afraid of spoilers, we've done the legwork for you—here's what the cast members of Singapore Social are up to now.

1. Mae Tan

Shown announcing her departure to New York for further studies on the last episode of Singapore Social, Mae is currently in Singapore, where she is often spotted at fashion and society events—including the Singapore Tatler Ball 2019. She’s also still actively involved in conservation with Paul Foster, seen on his Instagram at NooTree’s tree-planting initiative for the Mandai Wildlife bridge. Mae will be heading to New York early next year to enter a new phase in her life.

2. Vinny Sharp (Vinesh Nagrani)

During the season finale of Singapore Social, Vinny deals with saying goodbye to Cristina, his ex-girlfriend and collaborator, as well as his confidante Mae, who were going to Romania and New York respectively. The videographer’s latest project is a tongue-in-cheek short film on sex education in Singapore, which featured Cristina. The video was released on Vimeo and Youtube in August. Vinny, whose real name is Vinesh Nagrani, has also had to deal with the loss of his mother, who passed away in September. The third episode of Singapore Social, which included a cameo from Vinny's family, ended with a dedication: “In loving memory of Sherina Nagrani.”

3. Cristina

Vinny’s close collaborator has been going places since leaving Singapore. Cristina was spotted on her social media jetting between Romania, Singapore and Bali, and still maintains a close friendship with Vinny.

4. Nicole Ong

Nicole continues to work on her blockchain advisory firm Athena Advisory, which she founded in November 2018. She is also the Singapore chapter lead of SoGal, a global platform that aims to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Just six days ago, Nicole posted about the Singapore pitch round of the SoGal Global Pitch Competition. As for her love interest, Alson, he isn't featured in any of her Instagram posts, and his social media accounts are all set to private.

5. Nara (Nora Chompunich)

Nicole’s best friend, Nara, continues to be the host for One Championship. She also most recently performed at the Iskarnival in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

6. Paul Foster

Paul was seen moving into his own home with girlfriend Joey in the season finale, and they are still happily together—with Paul posting an adorable photo of them on the court for the couple’s first anniversary. He is still actively involved in charitable and conservation causes and had also planted trees with Mae for the Mandai Wildlife bridge and volunteering to rebuild homes in Nepal. Paul is currently recovering from surgery for a sports injury that tore his ligament.

7. Sukki Singapora (Sukki Menon)

After wrapping up Singapore Social, Sukki has been spending time in Los Angeles, although it’s unclear whether she is still with boyfriend Tim, according to her social media updates. The burlesque artist—who is half-Singaporean Indian and half-British—also visited her family home in Kerala, India in October, where she gave a talk on gender equality at a local school.

8. Tabitha Nauser

Since releasing her single Don’t Let Me Drown on the last episode of Singapore Social, Tabitha has kept herself busy, with the recent debut of her EP, Things I Should Have Said. Her first release since parting ways with her agency, the EP is said to be a reflection of what the singer had gone through in the year. She is still happily attached to boyfriend Louie, whom she called “the man who makes me laugh every day” in an Instagram post dedicated to him on his birthday.

9. Louie

Tabitha’s boyfriend Louie, whom she first met in Hong Kong, seems to have settled in Singapore for good, in the name of love. Tabitha makes a frequent appearance on his social media, and it appears that he has forged a friendship with Vinny Sharp and Paul Foster through the reality show as well.

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