Plastic surgery on a fish, parties in the middle of international waters, catty encounters...Kevin Kwan's "Crazy Rich Asians" is full of drama and over-the-top scenarios that leave many thinking "surely that can't be real".

Well, you better believe it, because in a city like Hong Kong, it's not just money that does the talking. We've compiled some of the craziest society stories we're heard through the grapevine in the last few months below:

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Keeping up appearances

This former high-flyer has been posting #OOTDs on his social media accounts to make it look like he’s got a fabulously flamboyant wardrobe. The fact is, he’s been snapping photos of himself trying on samples in the brands’ showrooms.

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Toddlers & tiaras

Competition for international school places has reached crazy new heights this year. We hear one couple is so eager to secure a place for their child at a particular school that they’re showering members of the board with extravagant gifts. A+ for effort; C- for tact.

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Little Miss Meltdown

Having worked with many divas in our time, we’re no stranger to the odd tantrum, but one socialite really took the cake at a recent photo shoot. Having arrived 90 minutes late, she had the hide to be furious that the more punctual subjects had already chosen their outfits. This was “totally unfair!”—even though there were still more than 20 designer gowns to choose from. You snooze, you lose, sweetie!

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Man crush

This heiress had an unusual request for her 18th birthday. For a girl who has it all, it seems the one thing she wanted was a bodyguard or two—not because she fears for her safety, but to increase her social currency.

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Turn back time

After a young woman’s friend recently posted a throwback photo on Facebook, she quickly asked him to take it down. The reason? A nose job and fillers have drastically changed her appearance.

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The opportunist

There was a bit of an altercation just before this couple’s lavish wedding ceremonies. Apparently, the father of the bride butted heads with the mother of the groom over whether or not a prenuptial agreement was necessary. In the end, no agreement was signed, leaving many to wonder if there are ulterior motives at play.

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A scion of one of the city’s first families is so eager to be recognised as an influencer, that he has an entire team in his office dedicated to building his personal social media profile.

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Hot property

This guy is so keen to keep his mistress happy—and exclusive—that he’s bought her not one but two properties. Apparently, she’s keen to start her own interior design business and wants to start flipping houses. We think he’s flipping crazy.

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Three's a crowd

This couple has long been plagued by rumours of an open marriage. Now it appears she’s comfortable flaunting her extramarital dalliances. We spotted her with her much younger boyfriend at a recent ball.

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Faking it

This B-list fauxialite is so desperate to fit in that she’s been parading her collection of Hermès handbags at events—the only problem being that they are all fake. She should know better than try to fool us.

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