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You know all about Hong Kong’s in-crowd; how about their dogs? Here are some of the city’s most A-list pooches—and the lengths their owners go to show their love

1. Olaf and Yolanda Choy

Olaf the Samoyed was left abandoned at a construction site for days before he was adopted by foster mum Yolanda Choy-Tang, co-founder of EcoDrive, a volunteer group that tackles plastic pollution in Hong Kong. But this bubbly fluffball got through the trauma and is now living his best life as part of a loving family. “He joins us for family lunch every Sunday,” says Choy-Tang. “He keeps the kids company while they are studying and can sit still for hours.” When it’s time for fun, however, mischievous Olaf loves to dive into muddy pools. “The dirtier, the better for him.” Though it’s safe to say bath times aren’t a speedy affair for this four-legged cloud. Check out Olaf’s latest hikes (and mud baths!) on Instagram @olafthewhitesamoyed

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2. Clover and Ruth Chao

Creative director and graphic artist Ruth Chao’s pooch Clover is a sight for sore eyes. The Jack Russell terrier, who turns four this month, came into Chao’s life via Taiwan. “Back then, he was four months old, and only as big as the palm of my hand!” says Chao. The furry friend’s favourite snack is a dog bone from Teakha and squeaky chew toys. He enjoys sunbathing, grazing grass and galloping like Bambi, don’t you know.

3. Blanc and Patricia Tung-Gaw

The Tatler team is acquainted with Blanc, a fluffy, white giant and can confirm he is even cuter in real life. Owner of Ferastyle, a ski apparel brand, Patricia Tung-Gaw adopted the eight-year-old Samoyed two years ago and they’ve been inseparable ever since. The nomadic pooch loves fruit (his favourite snack is organic apple peel) and is known for howling on cue—even engaging in a howl-off with Tung-Gaw’s kids. Follow him on Instagram @samoyed_blanc

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4. Reginald Oswald II and Reyna Harilela

Meet Reginald Oswald II: a four-year-old, part-Rottweiler, part-Labrador rescue pup that Reyna Harilela and her family affectionately call Reggie. After the passing of her beloved canine Dior, the co-founder of PR firm Bonvivant & Bellavita dog-sat a pup named Ace to deal with her grief. A chance encounter at a puppy adoption day serendipitously brought Reggie into her life. He’s loveable, has mismatched ears, and has a penchant for cheese and Star Wars R2-D2 squeaky toys.

5. Pumpkin and Feiping Chang

Feiping Chang’s floppy-eared pooch is as perfectly groomed as you would imagine the pet of a Hong Kong influencer to be. Pumpkin gives most professional models a run for their money with his serious posing skills. The three-year-old lap-size, salt-and-pepper poodle (who was a wedding gift from a close friend), enjoys braided turkey sticks and loves frolicking in Lincoln Li’s closet, having a good gnaw on old T-shirts and socks.

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6. Orion and Simba, Kevin Poon and Fiona McLeish

Orion, a mini male Yorkshire terrier and Simba, of mixed-breed, are both eight-year-old male puppers belonging to entrepreneur Kevin Poon and model Fiona McLeish. Orion relishes tennis balls, while rescue dog Simba, affectionately nicknamed Fay Ju (Cantonese for “piggie”) has a cheeky habit of licking people on sight. The canines are often on the receiving end of royalty-level treatment, including doggie snacks from the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles.

7. Stitch, Ingrid Chen-Mandonnaud and Thierry Mandonnaud

One day, Ingrid Chen, general manager of Joyce, took her husband, Thierry Mandonnaud, to a pet shop under the guise of meeting for a drink after work. There, Chen was holding a little French bulldog. “Meet your son,” she said. Enter Stitch, named after Disney’s snaggletoothed alien. Despite a habit of hoovering up Mandonnaud’s daughters’ snacks, Stitch has truly chewed his way into their hearts and had proven himself a protective and loving companion around children.

8. Bob and Yen Kuok

Yen Kuok’s seven-year-old pup Bob probably has more stamps in his passport than you. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi began his life with the Shangri-La heiress in 2012 and has been her constant companion from California to Florida and now Hong Kong. As well as being a lover of long naps on the couch, Bob is an enthusiastic hiker, despite his short legs that require him to be carried midway through each trek.



9. Luca and Kim Robinson

Jack Russell terrier Luca has a starry lineage: he was part of the litter of a dog belonging to Taiwanese actress Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia, a longtime friend of A-list hairstylist Kim Robinson. When Lin was looking for a family for baby Luca in 2018, she knew that he would be in good hands with Robinson. Wrapped in a Hermès blanket, Luca certainly made a fashionable entrance when arriving at Robinson’s home. Robinson chose his name, which means “light” in Italian, after travelling to Italy to style Lin at the Udine Far East Film Festival. Luca is a dashing gent with well-coiffed toffee fur (we’d expect no less from Robinson) and is a natural in front of a camera. After an exhausting photoshoot, there’s nothing that pleases him more than his favourite meal: bacon and eggs.

10. Potato, Bender and Zoidberg, Thierry Chow and Peter Yuill

Ragtag chihuahua trio Potato, Bender and Zoidberg have an arty loft to call their home, making mischief as creative pet-parents Thierry Chow and Peter Yuill try to get work done. Chow, a feng shui master, spilled the beans on her rambunctious clan’s most illicit vices, which include tennis balls, dirty socks and tasty morsels of chicken. Fingers will point to kleptomaniacs Potato and Bender when toys, snacks or even cups of coffee go walkies, while Zoidberg will hide food in his mouth to go and enjoy in a corner away from prying eyes. That’s not to say the dogs need to be such shameless scavengers: Chow has treated them to dog yoga and the three have monthly at-home pampering sessions by a groomer!

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11. Truffle and Tyson, Tansy Tom

The outlook for former breeder poodle Truffle wasn’t looking great—until big-hearted Tansy Tom came along to foster her during a typhoon, and ended up officially adopting her, despite Truffle needing surgery and medication to survive. Village dog Tyson’s fate, too, looked grim, after he was abandoned by owners of a recycling plant. Moved by an online post from a volunteer dog rescue group, Tom welcomed Tyson into her home. Now, the pair are living the good life: Tom rustles up homemade coconut and butternut squash cookies for her food-obsessed fur-family.

She recalls one amusing scene when the two were treated to a piece of steak bone leftover from dinner: “We thought Tyson would dominate the piece as he is bigger than Truffle. Instead, Truffle was the one who went for it and guarded it. Tyson just sat down and patiently waited for his turn.” Cheeky Truffle also tries to nose her way into Tyson’s sessions with a trainer—only because there is the promise of reward snacks, of course. 

12. Sparky and Sean Lee-Davies

Sean Lee-Davies grew up with Rottweilers (his father apparently had the first Rottweiler in Hong Kong), so tiny Jack Russell Sparky, who joined the family in 2006, has a lot to live up to. But this confident pup has no fear. “Everyone thinks he’s cute,” Lee-Davies says, “but he thinks he’s the boss.” Sometimes Sparky gets barky and scares young children, but he has a softer side, too: whenever Lee-Davies and the family start singing, Sparky joins in with his own tuneful howl. He is also said to be a master of wave surfing, and can be spotted riding the ocean at Repulse and Deepwater Bay.

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