Cover Christine Chiu wears a Chanel swimsuit and cuff while enjoying a dip in the pool (Photo: Carter Smith, Styling: Donald Lawrence)

The 'Bling Empire' star gives us the lowdown on how you can make this summer your best yet

1. Get vaccinated

For your protection and for others, please get vaccinated. Peace of mind is essential to having a great time.

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2. Beach workouts

Don’t be the last person holding onto those Covid-19 pounds. Start shedding stat and have fun while doing so. Do your normal exercises outdoors and try some new ones like surfing or roller-skating. Don’t forget your SPF!

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3. Rent a classic car, RV or Airstream caravan and go coastal

The best itinerary is having no itinerary. I love driving up and down the coast of California, stopping in quaint towns, having breakfast on the cliffside, picking fruit from farms, visiting museums and more.

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4. Beauty up

Invest in yourself with the latest and greatest in aesthetic medicine, whether it’s an advanced facial with medical-grade products and technology, or non-surgical toning and tightening, or even finally getting that cosmetic surgery procedure you’ve been researching and desiring. The only investment that is guaranteed to appreciate is the one you put in yourself.

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5. Try vacationing in new ways

Try “glamping”, staying at farms or trading homes with friends from another area. Vacation is a state of mind, and trying new things keeps things exciting and fresh.

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6. Pay it forward with friends

Non-profit organisations are among the hardest hit during the pandemic. Gather a group of friends to volunteer together. Whether it’s building a sustainable garden, picking up waste on the beach or reading to children at after-school centres, there is no better feeling than knowing you’ve made a huge difference to someone’s life.

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