Take the boardroom by storm

Whether you've just started your first job or have been working for decades, it's never too late to pick up new tricks. In the corporate world, knowing how to present yourself and interact with your team is vital. 

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These five TED talks will help you brush up on the professional skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the workplace. From knowing how to hold a great conversation to motivating your team, master these skills to climb up the career ladder and beyond. 

How to manage stress


Stress is an inevitable companion along the path to success, especially with corporate red tape and office politics. Health psychologist Kelly McGonigal unpacks the myth that stress is bad for your health, and shows a new way to respond to the challenges in your life. Watch this talk to get better equipped in dealing with your workplace woes and achieve your goals.

 How to make your voice matter


Business advisor and sound consultant Julian Treasure is an expert in voice and sound. Sharing his specialist knowledge, he goes through the seven deadly sins of speaking and explains how you can make what you say matter, and get your colleagues to pay attention.

How to use body language effectively


Social psychologist Amy Cuddy dissects how we present ourselves through our body language and nonverbal communication. From handshakes to emojis, she demonstrates how changing your posture can alter not only others’ perception of you, but also your view of yourself.

How to motivate yourself and your team


Are rewards always motivating? Career analyst Dan Pink doesn’t think so. Demonstrating that reward-driven work isn’t always equivalent to motivated or created work, he proposes new business models to help motivate your team and yourself.

How to make better conversation

In this digital age, we don't quite make conversation the same way we used to. Radio host Celeste Headlee has 10 golden rules to make you walk the talk, and engage with those around you—it's a vital skill for anyone who works with clients, colleagues or people, which is pretty much all of us. 

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