Cover Eleanor Lam as Alice from Alice in Wonderland (Photo: @elly/Instagram)

We round up the best Halloween 2020 looks from the Tatler community

This year, some people gave dressing up for Halloween a miss—after all, mask wearing and candy eating have been our reality since February. But others wouldn't dream of giving up on the occasion. Though festivities may have been downsized this year, the costumes were still top-notch. Here are our favourite photos from the Tatler community this spooky season:

Victoria Tang-Owen

Emily Lam-Ho

Eleanor Lam

Natalie Chan-Kwok

Diana D'arenberg and Jay Parmanand

Jane Louey

Bonnae Gokson

Esther Sham

Marisa Yiu

Arne Eggers

Antonia Da Cruz

Alison Chan El-Azar

Carina Lau

Alan Chan

Diana d'Arenberg & Jay Parmanand

Shanyan Koder

Antonia Li

Anne Wang-Liu

Leigh Tung-Chou

Feiping Chang

Yvonne Fong and Honus Tandijono

Amanda Strang