With Halloween just around the corner, we got these individuals to tell us their scariest encounters

The spooky lift in Miri

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Above Photo: Eric Chow /Tatler Malaysia

Natalie Cheng, executive director of Parkson Holdings

As a child, Natalie Cheng recalls how her parents Tan Sri William Cheng and Puan Sri Chelsea Cheng warned her not to play with the ouija board, but she was so curious that she consulted a school friend who had tried it before. 

"One of my high school classmates said that she had tried it on a piece of paper while alone one night," Cheng shares. "She said she could feel something putting pressure on her hand, and she hasn't played it since." 

My spookiest experience...

"It happened a few years ago during a business trip to Miri with my colleagues. We arrived pretty late at night so we were the only ones checking in at the time. One of my colleagues went up to his room first but came right back to the lobby to say that he wanted to change rooms as he felt that his room was haunted.

After the hotel gave him a different room, we all went up in the same lift and my other colleague started teasing him for being fussy. Then she uttered, 'Wouldn't it be funny if the lift opened by itself on Level 4?' As soon as she said it, the lift stopped on the fourth floor and opened, revealing a dark and empty function room!

We went quiet immediately and waited uneasily for the lift to close again. Needless to say, when we reached our floor, we made a quick dash to our rooms."

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A haunted villa in Gunung Jerai

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Above Photo: Sean Wong /Tatler Malaysia

Captain Dato' Fareh Mazputra Tun Ahmad Fairuz, head of flight crew resourcing and group flight operations at AirAsia

Ghostly experiences for this airline captain and former CEO of the Asian Aviation Centre of Excellence hark back to his childhood in Alor Setar, Kedah where his father was based for work in the late 1970s. "Our extended family, including the uncles and aunties, took a trip up Gunung Jerai for a short vacation. Those days, there were a lot of government villas built by the British," shares Fareh. "I reckon the villa we were staying in was around 80 to 100 years old."

My spookiest experience...

"It started as soon as we arrived at the villa. I remember there was this big commotion about which rooms we were going to stay in. It wasn't because someone preferred a particular room; it was to avoid staying in a particular room. My mum didn't believe in ghosts, so my family ended up taking the room that no one wanted.

After dinner and evening prayers were done, we retired to our bedroom. We had two large beds that we pushed together. Throughout the night, my mother felt someone whispering to her, pushing her and even waking her out of her slumber. My sister and I also woke up in the middle of the night, but we weren’t fully aware of what had happened until the next morning at the breakfast table.

My mum actually woke up with bruises on her thigh and arm, which no one could explain. We also realised that the bathroom door that was previously closed was open and our bedroom door was left ajar. I guess something or someone was retaliating against my mom’s disbelief!"

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Dark hotel rooms and pre-war buildings

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Above Photo: Courtesy of WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble

Cher Siang Tay of WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble 

Growing up, jazz pianist Cher Siang Tay would often pass a grand old building not far from his family home. The building was said to have been used as a military command centre during World War II. Tay recalls his heart skipping a beat every time he passed by the eerie structure.

"I had heard stories about people hearing screaming and music coming from the top floor of the building in the middle of the night," he adds. "Did I go investigate? Hell no!"  

My spookiest experience...

"I travel often because of concert tours. I was working at a concert that was held in this popular venue on a highland. After rehearsal, I went back to my room and decided to watch a horror movie on my laptop. Suddenly the room went dark. I got up to check the switches before I saw that my laptop was still charging.

Without a second thought, I turned off my computer, and went to sleep. Luckily, I had a good sleep."

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