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Here are a few facts that are just as interesting as Grimes' music:

Canadian musician Grimes started releasing music in the early 2000s independently. Her unique twee sound and likeable personality have helped her garner a large following over the years. Frankly, it's quite impossible not to be compelled to know more about Grimes.

Get to know Grimes and her music as you browse through a few interesting facts that you probably didn't know about the artist:

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Grimes and Jennie went to SpaceX together

Grimes just posted a photo of her and Blackpink's Jennie on Instagram, with a caption that hinted that the two hung out around SpaceX rockets. Although the meeting was random, some people are speculating that the two might reveal a collaboration soon. Our fingers are crossed that this isn't the last time we'll be seeing them together!

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Grimes changed her real name to 'c'

Grimes tweeted that she was changing her name from Claire to c in 2018. It seems the artist has been spending too much time with her partner Elon Musk as she decided to change her legal name after considering its science-related meaning.

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Grimes wants to make a cookbook

A lot of people have taken interest in crafting meals these days and that includes Grimes. But while others dream of sharing gourmet meals with their fellow food connoisseurs, Grimes says that she wants to share recipes with people who can't cook. One of the concoctions she would like to share is a unique recipe she enjoys like the sludge of couscous, vegenaise, sriracha, diced celery, steamed spinach and sliced tomatoes she makes at home.

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Grimes goes 'insane' in music making

During the process of making her Visions album, Grimes recalled how she wanted to "do everything [she] could possibly do to go insane" on the project, even if it means chainsmoking. In an interview, Grimes shared how she would smoke just to produce a distinct sound. She has also revealed in another interview how she would sample other people's voices and her cat's which she would later use in the song Weregild from her album Halifax. This shows the artist's laudable dedication and effort in her creative process.

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Grimes appeared on SNL with her partner Elon musk

Although Grimes and Elon Musk have been spending time together, caring for their son X Æ A-Xii, it was still a surprise to see Grimes join the fun on SNL when Elon was invited to host the show and star in a few skits. In one of the skits where Elon starred as Wario, Grimes played the role of Princess Peach.

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Grimes likes Hildegard of Bingen

Grimes shared that at one point, she liked Hildegard of Bingen, otherwise known as Saint Hildegard, a German abbess and music composer of the 12th century. It seems the artist found a similarity between her and the abbess as she learned that Saint Hildegard was locked in a cloister for years as she made works of art.

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Grimes was born on Saint Patrick's Day

Grimes, with her bright-green hair, was asked how she felt to be born on Saint Patrick's Day. "It kinda sucks," she said. Grimes was born on 17 March 1988 in  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where she was also raised.

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