Cover Lim Eng Keong, Wong Loo Min, Chia Hue Eng , Adam Chong Meow Hing, Kathy Khoi and Andrew Woon

Mythology, which is intertwined with the history of mankind, is also a sign of our species’ propensity for creativity. So it doesn’t surprise us that Graf von Faber-Castell always looks to folklore and tradition when designing their annual Pen of the Year; previous collections were inspired by icons such as the Catherine Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology. Embodying courage, honour and loyalty, the mighty samurai serves as the key inspiration for the 2019 Pen of the Year.
Known for producing extraordinary pens and art supplies, Graf von Faber-Castell uses premium materials that range from ivory recovered from extinct woolly mammoth tusks to ancient petrified wood. On that note, the 2019 Pen of the Year has motifs modelled after stingray leather; the precious material was used to cover the sheaths and handles of samurai swords aka katanas.