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Recently-crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez is a corporal, identifies as non-binary, and a dedicated cat parent

On the evening of September 30, Beatrice Luigi Gomez was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021. As Gomez donned the diadem that 28 ladies had equally worked hard for for the last few months or so, the room was filled with resounding applause to celebrate her first walk as Miss Universe Philippines.

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All the candidates in this year's pageant had brought great pride to their cities and provinces. It's no question that each woman had a uniqueness in them that had made their efforts in the competition worthwhile. And Gomez won the show for her versatility and other distinctive qualities she possesses:

Read on below to get to know her more:

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She's openly-queer and proud of it

Gomez won the pageant with flying colours as she took home the crown and became the first openly lesbian to win Miss Universe Philippines

She also has shared that she identifies as non-binary and bisexual. As mentioned in Cebu Daily News, Gomez had shown concern for the younger generation and the LGBTQIA+ community. She said, "Just like what everyone hopes for in the LGBTQIA+, I aspire for acceptance and inclusivity—especially equal rights and protection for the younger generation who oftentimes suffer from bullying and different forms of violence. They are left to fend for themselves, particularly those that are oppressed by their own parents."

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That's 'Corporal Gomez' to you

We now know Gomez as Miss Universe Philippines, but to her colleagues at the Philippine Navy, Gomez is still known as Philippine Navy reservist, Corporal Gomez. You'll easily find photos of the beauty queen in training on the Naval Reserve Center Eastern Visayas page on Facebook. She truly has the beauty, brains, and brawn.

"A good soldier is always ready as they say. These long days have truly been worth it as we slowly see the fruition of our hard work," she said in an Instagram post. Fortunately, her hard work paid off.

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Active servant leader

Although Gomez's statement during the Top 5 Q&A portion was short-lived, there are many ways to see how Miss Cebu City has served her community. She became the President of the Rotaract Club of Metro Mandaue in October 2020. Gomez is proud to be a passionate Community Development Worker and has mentioned it a few times in interviews.

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She's a cat person

Gomez adores cats and is more than willing to adopt stray cats in need. "These beasts came into my life as angels and have helped me cope in life’s challenges," she shared on her Instagram post on International Cat Day.

She even adopted a white cat during the pandemic and named him Twx. The blue-eyed furry pal of the beauty queen even has his own Instagram feed where the public can marvel at his and his other friends' (adopted by Gomez, as well) cuteness. 

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Slaying it at sports

Don't be fooled by Gomez's dazzling jewellery and glamorous lifestyle as she also goes hard when it comes to sports. Gomez plays volleyball, runs at least five kilometres a day, and also knows how to dive deep into the waters. It almost seems like the beauty queen can't stay off her feet and is always actively improving herself!


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