Georg Jensen treated privileged guests to an exceptional trip down memory lane in the fashion of a delectable visual feast highlighting the Scandinavian luxury lifestyle brand's most iconic and highly-prized designs from the past century.

Held within the elegant and artistic confines of Restaurant André, the Georg Jensen Heritage Silverware event was adorned with an extra touch as it also underscored the brand’s 110th anniversary celebrations.

'gallery right' 'gallery right'
'gallery right' 'gallery right'
Photo 1 of 12 Gregory Pepin, Anne Goh, Tony Wang
Photo 2 of 12 Dawn Yip, Jean Yip
Photo 3 of 12 Paige Parker
Photo 4 of 12 Sara Taseer
Photo 5 of 12 Katherine Pacika
Photo 6 of 12 Ginny Wiluan, Tan Khar Nai
Photo 7 of 12 Lotus Soh, Paige Parker
Photo 8 of 12 Grace Chng
Photo 9 of 12 Tony Wang
Photo 10 of 12 Paige Parker, Ginny Wiluan, Celina Lin
Photo 11 of 12 Lam Tong Loy, Lam Ping Yee
Photo 12 of 12 Mervin Wee, Darren Cheong