Tamara Lamunière, founder of Generation T and Front & Female, explains Tatler’s new initiative is “a resource for women to be their best selves”

Tatler Hong Kong has launched Front & Female, a new platform designed to forge networks between accomplished women from different ages, industries and backgrounds. Events and published features will elevate women and offer them the opportunity to engage with the wider Tatler community.

A series of group discussions—or “Roundtables”—will bring together women from all walks of life to engage in conversations on a theme. The first Roundtable, held in July at The Upper House hotel, combined a fireside chat with June cover star Josie Ho followed by an intimate group discussion between 10 diverse guests on defying expectation and forging your own path in life. 

Tamara Lamunière, the founder and head of Generation T and Tatler Asia’s chief marketing officer, explains that the idea for the new initiative stemmed from her own career experiences and will be “a resource for women to be their best selves”.

1) What does the phrase “Front & Female” mean?

I was brainstorming with Joe Zee, Tatler Asia’s Global Creative Director, and we started talking about who we wanted this platform to be for. We decided it would be women who are the first to do something and at the front of their industries: first, front and female. It resonated with me; the idea of a community of women who are courageous, ahead of the rest, breaking barriers, shattering glass ceilings and paving the way for the rest of us. It was a community that I wanted to be part of myself. I also liked that there was a bit of a challenge to it: do you have what it takes to be at the front? Plus, it was catchy.

2) Why is Front & Female needed?

Despite the enormous progress that has been made by the feminist movement, there are still huge gaps that we’ve yet to bridge, such as representation in politics and STEM, language and data bias, lack of female mentors and sponsors, the gender pay gap and more. All of these issues create vicious cycles we need to break. One of the ways that can be addressed is to provide women resources and support structures that can empower and embolden them to aspire for and achieve more. That’s where Front & Female comes in.

3) What are the main aims of Front & Female?

Through content and community, we want it to be a resource for women to be their best selves, at home, in business, or in society, so they can be catalysts for the empowerment of others. Most women’s groups focus on female entrepreneurs, which we do as well, but we also want to support women in the creative fields, entertainment and sport. Lastly, we want to be a catalyst for collaboration. We want to see the women we bring together take that relationship further by creating new ideas and initiatives. 

4) Who is Front & Female for?

It’s for women who aspire to make a positive impact on society and are looking for the means to do so.

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Above The first Front & Female Roundtable in June focused on women with unconventional lives and career paths

5) How are guests selected?

Guests are selected based on what they could contribute to the conversation. Since our format is intimate and interactive, it’s important that everyone can bring something to the table. We also look at a mix of age, background, profession: the diversity of the group is important in order to showcase different views.

6) How are speakers selected?

A combination of relevance and opportunity. We have some topics we know we want to cover, because of their resonance today, and at other times, we have the opportunity to work with a really inspiring individual who is launching something or has something interesting to say.

7) What is your favourite memory from the first Front & Female Roundtable with Josie Ho?

When we started the event, I felt some reservation and uncertainty, some shyness in the room, which is totally normal. But by the time we got to the after-party at Tatler House, Tatler's new events space at The Upper House, the women were interacting as if they had known each other for ages. The shift over a few hours—because of a strong, shared experience—was beautiful to see. I also know for a fact that some of the women reconnected afterwards to work on some projects together.

8) What does launching Front & Female mean for you personally?

It is threefold. The first is that I have never found a community that could serve the different layers of who I am as a woman. That’s why the diversity of the guests and topics is so important to me. Secondly, I want to be a role model for my two young girls. But I’m not perfect myself, so I need support to realise my full potential. In that sense, I’m also a beneficiary of Front & Female. Thirdly, I’ve been in the media business my whole life. It’s such a privileged position to be in because of the access it gives, but with that privilege, I also feel a responsibility to use this to affect change positively. So Front & Female is also a way to align what I believe in with what I do.


Front & Female is Tatler’s platform for female empowerment: a resource for women to become their best selves. Click here to sign up to our newsletter to join the community and stay informed.

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