Sisters Stephanie and Teri Ling have more in common than just genetics: gifted with a flair for floristry, they represent the creative duo behind Spring Cottage, catering to the floral fancies of Kuala Lumpur’s most well-heeled crowd as the in-house florists at Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, The Westin Kuala Lumpur and other 5-star hotels. Scroll down for Stephanie and Teri's out-of-the-box ideas on gifting flowers with a personal touch this Mother’s Day.

Don't be afraid to use bright colours

Blushing pinks and pastel hues aside; if you’re in the mood for bold, bright colours, then go for it all the way.

“Be sure to harmonise the colours – pairing a very striking blue with a bright yellow is alright. But I wouldn’t pair the blue with dark maroon or a red, as both are strong colours and they'll fight one another,” Stephanie shares, intimating that her late mother – also a devoted flower enthusiast—loved bright colours when it came to Mother’s Day bouquets.

“Whether a small or big bunch of flowers, it had to have impact - the colours had to wow her!” Stephanie notes affectionately.

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Throw in some variety

“A bouquet should not only have all sorts of colours, but all sorts of flowers, too!” adds Teri.

Clinch that wow factor by adding in carnations and even certain types of tulips rather than sticking to one flower type to go with the filler foliage.   

The gift that keeps on giving

“Aren’t a lot of people into gardening these days?” Stephanie remarks. “A lot of mums themselves love plants, so why not give her something that she can pluck from every once in a while and cook?”

Caring for potted plants can be a fun challenge to tackle, so opt for fragrant herbs like wheatgrass or basil which make a pretty decorative feature for the kitchen and a natural air-freshener as well.

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"Interestingly, orchid plants last a really long time, even though they don't last long in bouquets." Stephanie says.

"As a rule, treat flowers with love and care. Water them regularly, store them in a cool place and cut a little bit off the ends every day to maximise freshness."   

Presentation is everything

The most impactful arrangements are rarely the easiest. So think out-of-the-box —metaphorically speaking— when it comes to a floral gift with a surprise that no one will forget.  

“It helps to think ahead and pre-order gifts earlier for something truly special. For example, why not have a box with a cake and flowers inside?” Stephanie suggests.

“It’s a nice surprise to receive, as long as you make sure the recipient knows she can’t eat the flowers together with the cake!”

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A daring twist: dried flower arrangements

Yes, you read that right! Dried flower décor for weddings is a new trend that Stephanie and Teri have taken on with considerable finesse (look out for more of their incredible designs here).

“Dried flowers take a long time to prepare: we have to dry them for several months, and then spray them with their original colours.” Teri shares with a grin. “It’s a truly memorable gift, though not everyone will be able to accept it.”

“When you think about it, it’s really evergreen: something you can recycle later on.” Stephanie adds. “When you’re working with dried flowers, you can do an elaborate bouquet and just leave it be, it’s not like it will wilt, right?”