With Valentine's Day around the corner, love is in the air. We took our Tatler friends for a trip down memory lane to find out how they met their special someone:

1. Gigi Chao & Sean Eav

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Above Sean Eav and Gigi Chao

"Sean and I met through the introduction of a mutual friend. One Father’s Day, I wanted to get my Dad a watch, and her being something of an expert, we spoke on the phone and she advised me on some good choices. The friendship stuck, and eventually, we fell in love."

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2. Angie & Ivan Ting

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Above Angie Ting and Ivan Ting

"Ivan and I met in 2001 through two mutual friends. They set up gatherings for us such as drinks, dinners, and boat trips so we got to know more about each other."

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3. Nancy Fung & Dinesh Nihalchand

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Above Dinesh Nihalchand and Nancy Fung (Photo: Courtesy of Nancy Fung)

"I met my husband Dinesh in 2007 during the Shanghai Grand Prix after party. As I had just quit my job then, a friend of mine asked if I would be willing to help them with a freelance project to do the launch party for a very "hip and cool" serviced apartment called KUSH. Dinesh was introduced to me at the party as our potential client, and I didn't speak to him much that night as I thought I was there to party and did not feel like entertaining a client. I ended up working on that project and have not ignored him since."

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4. Océane & Winston Koo

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Above Océane and Winston Koo (Photo: Courtesy of Océane Koo)

"I met my wife Océane through a mutual friend as I was hosting my regular movie night on a Sunday evening at my apartment. A good friend of mine invited her along that evening. I believe we were all going to watch La Vie en Rose."

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5. Denise Ho & David Lin

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Above Denise Ho and David Lin

"David and I met on Tinder! Yes it was a success case."

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6. Candy Chuang & Neville Kotewall

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Above Candy Chuang and Neville Kotewall

“When Neville told me that he knew I would be his wife as soon as he saw me, I told him to stop making things up. Then I said, ‘If you knew that then, why didn’t you tell me earlier so I didn’t have to spend years searching for my other half?’”

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7. Emily Lam & Kent Ho

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Above Emily Lam-Ho and Kent Ho (Photo: Elizabeth Messina)

“People can never believe that this wasn’t a setup, as we have so many friends in common,” said Emily. “But we met during a presentation. What could be more normal than that?” Kent added, “It was kind of extraordinary for me. I was invited to go to the meeting at the last minute and was hesitant because it was my birthday. Luckily I did go, because meeting Emily was the best present of my life.”

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8. Kingston Chu & Kelly Lo

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Above Kingston Chu and Kelly Lo

“It was unspoken, but there was a connection," says Kingston. After starting as dance partners, their connection blossomed into a nine-year romance that culminated in Kingston's surprise proposal during a performance of Beauty and the Beast in which, of course, Kelly played Belle.

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9. Christopher Owen & Victoria Tang-Owen

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Above Victoria Tang-Owen and Christopher Owen. (Photo: Dino Busch)

Christopher said, “We had a boozy dinner on the beach for New Year’s Eve and I guess I was the last one left, and she pounced.” Victoria's approach was a unique one: “I said, ‘Oh I dropped my earring in the sand. Can you help me find it?’ And then I got him under the dinner table and just kind of went for it.” 

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