Cover Photo: Feiping Chang (@xoxofei/Instagram)

The Hong Kong influencer celebrated her birthday in style, surrounded by her closest friends

It doesn’t matter how old you are: fancy dress parties never get stale. Hong Kong influencer Feiping Chang celebrated her birthday with husband Lincoln Li by her side at a K-pop-themed extravaganza filled with glittery costumes, over-the-top hairdos and catchy singalongs last month.

Hosted by friends Jonathan Cheung and Calvin Wang, the city’s it-crowd turned up in full force; Victoria Tang-Owen, Arne Eggers, René Chu, Eleanor Lam, Harris Chan and Tiffany Chan all dressed to impress in their zaniest pop-idol attire.

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Between the birthday girl’s Lee Sun-mi-inspired pigtails, Tang-Owens’ sleek grey wig and Cheung’s eyeliner, the troupe didn’t shy away from transforming themselves into their favourite pop idols—from Korean music sensations BTS to Girls Generation.

Taste buds were satisfied as guests listened to the latest hits of groups like boy band Shinee, while noshing on a Korean street- food feast, including spicy rice cakes, kimbap rolls, Korean fried chicken,  seafood pancakes and kimchi fried rice.

The biggest surprise of the night was the drool-worthy Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing-inspired cake made by confectionery couturier Bombshell, complete with little villagers and animals made of fondant. Fusing creativity and playfulness, the smash cake, iced with “Shineeland”, unveiled layers of Maltesers, jelly beans and marshmallows inside, making for a sweet finale worthy of K-pop’s legendary concerts.