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Longtime BFFs Fariza Sakina and Chrystal Tan may harbour different career goals, but they share commonalities in their upbringing and outlook on life. Here, they reveal the reasons why they have forged such a strong bond with each other.

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They Are Each Other's ‘Soul Mates’

Likening their first encounter as the best blind date they have ever had, corporate consultant Fariza Sakina and businesswoman Chrystal Tan recall connecting instantaneously at ‘hello’ when they saw each other for the first time for tea at The Wolseley.

The duo, who were introduced by a mutual friend, have been close ever since. Fariza playfully describes their friendship as “a committed relationship.”

“But what we have is better than a romantic relationship because it’s unconditional,” adds Chrystal cheekily.

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They Are Always In Sync

The connection between them is so strong that they have encountered many ‘freaky’ instances.

When asked for an example, Fariza elaborates, “About three months ago when I was in London during my birthday, I was having one of my low days. When my brother volunteered to do something to help cheer me up, I said, ‘I want a two-tier Alice in Wonderland cake.’ He didn’t manage to get it done, unfortunately. Yet, when I returned to KL a week later, guess what Chrystal sent to my house as a gift? A two-tier Alice in Wonderland cake!” 

“But this was not the first time it has happened. We think alike and we finish each other’s sentences. Sometimes, we say the exact same thing at the same time. When this happens, we always have to convince others we were not doing it on purpose!” adds Chrystal.

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They Share The Same Childhood Experiences

Fariza and Chrystal share many commonalities in their backgrounds; they both come from big families, with many siblings. They both have successful businessmen as their fathers: Datuk Farish Rashid and Tan Sri Vincent Tan.

“Our childhood is similar, and it has moulded us to become who we are today; we have so much in common, from the roles we play in our family dynamics and how we react to certain situations. Above all, we have always wanted to be our own bosses and prove ourselves in the business scene,” says Chrystal.

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They Motivate Each Other To Keep Pursuing Their Dreams

Fariza and Chrystal have a habit of showering each other with small, thoughtful gifts and gestures. Fariza relates how she recently purchased a Bvlgari Serpenti charm in tribute to her BFF.

“To me, the snake represents rebirth and second chances—because that’s what we do for each other. We give each other chances over and over again,” she says.

Fariza explains that Chrystal has done many thoughtful things for her. “When I am feeling down, she would send me motivational books and quotes to help uplift my day. When we were in London, she’s always delivering takeouts to my apartment. Once, I had a bad dream and after I told her about it, she even sent me a dreamcatcher,” reflects Fariza.

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They Know They Can Lean On Each Other

On their own, Fariza and Chrystal have different career goals. Fariza is set on a corporate career & Chrystal runs her own digital marketing firm and accessories brand Bxss Lady.

“When it comes to chasing our dreams, Chrystal and I often need a vote of confidence, so we turn to each other for support. We are committed towards seeing the best of each other—it’s a truly empowering friendship!” says Fariza.

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Photographer: Aaron Lee
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Hair: Ckay Liow
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