Cover personality, Talenia Phua Gajardo, is an early tech adopter who has taken her art business from the showroom to the online marketplace.


It was recently announced that Singapore is working towards making buses completely driverless. Those in the bullish camp want to make this a reality in the next five years, while the conservative planners prefer a 20‑year strategy. What is clear is that this will be a reality.

Transportation is but one area in which densely populated and infrastructurally strong Singapore has seen massive growth. We were just talking about driverless cars not too long ago, and that a self-driving car in One-North, where numerous autonomous vehicle trials are being conducted, has already met with an accident is positively embraced as a statistic, consumed by analysts in their quest towards zero error.

It is hard to imagine life today without taxi-on-demand, video-on-demand, and dinner-on-demand—just to name a few. Among all the tech innovations that have taken over our lives, perhaps none have been as life‑changing as those we can control from the palm of our hands—from our smartphones. Not only can you book a taxi and order food in; you can also call up a joke, trade stocks, shop for your dinner dress, buy art and, of course, snap a picture for Instagram.

What were previously first-hand purchase decisions are now accepted over digital space. No one knows this better than our cover personality, Talenia Phua Gajardo, an early tech adopter who has taken her art business further than the showroom, with her online art gallery, The Artling, and online marketplace for high‑quality pre-loved luxury items, Luxglove. You no longer need to view an objet d’art up‑close to love it, believe in its authenticity, and buy it. She tells us how tech is changing the game.

Many have also embraced technology to do good. Singapore-based Homage is using web and mobile technology to assist those looking for home-based care services, while Mumbai-based Zaya Learning Labs has provided educational content to low-income communities in India. These social enterprises remind us that tech benefits are not just measured in profits.

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