David Yeung and Peggy Chan took the concept of plant-based to a whole new level for our cover shoot—from sustenance to sublimely stylish
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The cover shoot with David Yeung and Peggy Chan for our Sustainability Issue wasn’t exactly “Tatler.”

There were no couture clothes—though the outfits were all sustainably made and sourced, thanks to fashion director Justine Lee—or glitzy diamonds. Instead, there was a bounty of vegetables, suits made of cabbage leaves, and earrings fashioned with fiery peppers, along with watering cans and potato heads. Call it farm chic.


Above Video: Kenneth Chan/Hong Kong Tatler

David and Peggy were game for anything, playing with whatever ideas photographic duo Nic and Bex Gaunt threw their way. The two eco-warriors owned their greens like true professionals—unsurprising, given their dedication to plant-based, sustainable living—rocking squashes, broccoli and the like as if they were the coolest accessories to tout. 

And as our cover story reveals, the bounties of nature really are the coolest of accessories as far as the duo and the eco-conscious community to which they belong are concerned. 

Read the cover story here: Peggy Chan And David Yeung On The Rise Of The Meat-Free Movement

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