In a private Zoom session, Mortlach and Tatler Philippines bring together select friends for an evening of engaging conversation and of course, learning more about whisky

Last 23 September 2020, at six-thirty in the evening, Tatler Philippines and Mortlach welcomed guests to a virtual get-together and whisky tasting. Each guest received an experience kit prepared by Shangri-La at the Fort Manila which included a selection of cheese and charcuterie with condiments meant to pair well with portions of Mortlach's 12, 16, and 20-year-old whiskies. 

As guests poured into the virtual room, Marco Lobregat who was the host for the evening, introduced Tatler Philippines' Managing Director Irene Martel Francisco, who thanked and welcomed everyone to the night's exciting affair.

To guide us through the tasting, Mortlach's Whisky Specialist James Walker (Jamie, for short) joined the event and introduced each bottle. First on the roster was the 12-year-old Mortlach which several guests found to have a sweet taste. Comparing this to the 16-year-old, Joanna Preysler Francisco commented, "I personally enjoyed the 16 more—I find that it's a lot more 'feminine' and much smoother, gentler." At this point, Marco interjected about the stereotype of whisky being a man's beverage of choice—a thought Jamie challenged. "I would like to think that stereotypes are now being broken down... [whisky] is classically seen as an after-dinner drink but from my experience, our clientele is not far from 50-50 [male-female]. I think it's changing," he notes.

Shauna Popple Williams chimed in, "I don't know if it's a childhood- or special occassion- thing but I can imagine having the 12-year-old with dessert; I have a sweet tooth so I much prefer the 12." Guests gave varied comments and expressed which of the two iterations they preferred. Jamie advised that when ordering a drink, it's always best to make your preferences well-known so that your sommelier may recommend a drink best suited to your taste.

Drawing almost close to an hour, Jamie introduced the 20-year-old Mortlach. "I haven't tasted this in a year, so I am quite excited," he shared. Most of the guests appreciated the layered flavour of this iteration and continued to talk about the difference between the three whiskies. 

All in all, the evening was a relaxed conversation between whisky-lovers. As we all navigate the new normal, Tatler Philippines remains dedicated to bringing engaging events and interesting content to our partners and supporters. The night drew to a close with a class-picture—all guests raising a glass to life's simple pleasures and discovering whisky's best-kept secret. 

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