With the words "It's Me, Me, Mina!" written on the invitation, guests arrived at Datin Mina Cheah's birthday party in their best impression of her. Some emulated the fierce spirit of the managing director of InNature Berhad and The Body Shop Malaysia through their choice of attire while others brought along hiking gear that alluded to Cheah's penchant for adventures. Eldest son Daryl Foong, for instance, wore his Mount Kilimanjaro hiking outfit; he trekked the highest mountain in Africa with, who else but mom, of course!

Other guests in attendance were Cheah's sisters, Julie and Christine, as well as Datin Lee Nai Yee, Ivy Josiah and Datuk Anuar Othman who each gave a congratulatory speech. The fun evening culminated in a spirited karaoke session and dancing.

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Photo 1 of 32 Dr Kae Kawanishi
Photo 2 of 32 Lam Song Shen, Dr Lo Ying-Ru Jacqueline and Dr Jean-Louis Excler
Photo 3 of 32 Daryl Foong and Melissa Lam
Photo 4 of 32 Mae Chan, Cang Yang Chia and Jesse Siew
Photo 5 of 32 Alan Cheah
Photo 6 of 32 Dato' Joyce Yap and William Koh
Photo 7 of 32 Datin Lee Nai Yee
Photo 8 of 32 Datuk Shamsul Falak and Datin Suraya Falak
Photo 9 of 32 Datin Shirley Tan
Photo 10 of 32 The interior of Rama V was cosy and intimate
Photo 11 of 32 Datuk Simon Foong, Datin Mina Cheah, Tengku Zatasha and Dato' Setia Aubry Mennesson
Photo 12 of 32
Photo 13 of 32 Dato' Steve Day and Datin Su Day
Photo 14 of 32 Datuk Lai Voon Hon, Datin Lisa Lai, Datin Mina Cheah, Datuk Simon Foong, Dato' Sufian Majid and Datin Alissa Fitri
Photo 15 of 32 Zainah Anwar
Photo 16 of 32 Datin Mina Cheah and Patsy Kam
Photo 17 of 32 Datin Caroline Gan, Dato' Larry Gan and Datuk Simon Foong
Photo 18 of 32
Photo 19 of 32 Marek Gorniak, Sherry Lou and Christine Cheah
Photo 20 of 32 Dato' Mohan Karthigasu and Datin Usha Nair
Photo 21 of 32 Photographed memories of Datin Mina Cheah hung from the decor
Photo 22 of 32 Datin Nariza Hashim and Tengku Ibrahim Petra
Photo 23 of 32 Ian Cheah, Datin Mina Cheah, Jan Cheah, Hannah Cheah and Susanna Cheah
Photo 24 of 32 Datin Mina Cheah and Datuk Simon Foong
Photo 25 of 32 Ivy Josiah
Photo 26 of 32 Daryl Foong, Datuk Simon Foong, Datin Mina Cheah, Dexter Foong and Melissa Lam
Photo 27 of 32 Datin Mina Cheah and guests danced the night away and had karaoked their hearts out
Photo 28 of 32 Christine Cheah, Datin Mina's younger sister
Photo 29 of 32 Florence Fang
Photo 30 of 32 Datuk Anuar Othman
Photo 31 of 32 Julie Cheah, Datin Mina's eldest sister
Photo 32 of 32 Paul Tan
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