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#CoupleGoals is just one label to describe the perpetual adoration between the enterprising fashionista and former national squash player.

It was 10 years ago when Ung Yiu Lin and Azlan Iskandar started dating. Many could liken it to a match made in heaven – a gorgeous society maven and national squash player – but it this mutual impression of one another was what came in the way. When they realised there was more substance to the other, sparks flew. Azlan’s career based in London didn’t deter them from pursuing a 3-year long distance relationship. The pair were married in December 2012, and are now a charming family of 5. Between the time they met to the parents they are now, Yiu Lin and Azlan have grown closer than ever. From their earliest photos together to recent family portraits, we put together a gallery of the couple’s milestones summing up the bond they share.


On one of of Azlan’s summers back in Malaysia, he met Yiu Lin at a fashion party. The 2 only started dating the following summer after overcoming their assumptions (him a jock, she a socialite) of one another.


The couple embarked on a long-distance relationship for 3 years – although they were not looking for a relationship, it worked out because they were working on their own careers.

“What did draw us together was our drive to succeed in life and also our same outlook in life,” Yiu Lin told us.  


It so happened that both their ideal dates entailed travels, which they turned into a tradition by meeting halfway at a new destination. “Exploring the globe was what we loved to do, and to experience new adventures together,” the couple shared, who romanced each other across Venice, Hong Kong, Cyprus, and London, too.


The relationship was set for the next chapter – in 2011, when the pair were on a site inspection of their new home, Yiu Lin received not just a new key but a marriage proposal from Azlan.

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In December 2012, surrounded by their loved ones and family members on the hills of Bentong, the loved-up duo said ‘I do.’

Yiu Lin recounted fondly: “It was a magical and intimate day for us, from the Chinese tea ceremony to the akad nikah, and reception that night itself. It was a celebration of 2 different cultures and 2 families. We got married on a deck constructed on top of the infinity pool.”


In December 2013, their firstborn daughter Zara came into the world.


Although they were now parents, Yiu Lin and Azlan cherished their down-time, or ‘adult time’ with a close-knit group of friends. They were also at a point in their lives where their peers were having babies.

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Sometimes, the parents would bring Zara out with them for functions – to the delight of their friends and observers of society members.

Clearly enjoying every moment as parents, Yiu Lin and Azlan would share on their Instagram profiles cute videos and photos of Zara and her antics.


In January 2016, Ava came into their lives. Having 2 daughters certainly changed their relationship for the better: “It’s made us very selfless,” recounted Yiu Lin. “It’s all about the kids now and all our sacrifices are for them.”

Having more on their plate meant that the parents had to be smarter with their time, even if it meant quality time together and with friends at social events.

Occasionally, their 2 daughters would tag along and command all the attention. No matter – who says you can’t have a good time with the children around? Yiu Lin and Azlan sure can, and with big smiles, too.


“I love his commitment to me and his family. We are always number 1 and ahead of his own interests,” mused Yiu Lin of her ‘baby daddy’.

To Azlan, Yiu Lin’s honesty and dedication to the family and marriage is what he loves best about her. “Keeping it real by keeping the channels of communication very open,” he praised of his wife.


In 2018, their family welcomed a new member, a chubby-cheeked boy named Luca. Needless to say, the good-natured baby won the hearts of everyone, his sisters especially so.

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Family duty calls, but for Yiu Lin and Azlan, time together was essential in their relationship. “Our trip to Morocco in 2018 was so important for us, as we now have 3 kids it is so easy to forget about US,” Yiu Lin revealed, referring to their oldest thrill of travelling.

It’s been more than 10 years into the couple’s journey and despite 3 children and the demands of their careers, their adoration for one another knows no age.


“What we plan on doing is yearly trips just the 2 of us, seeking out adventure and trying new things,” Yiu Lin shared, of how they stoke their romance. “It’s usually spontaneous if it’s in KL. A quiet movie night our for a nice dinner somewhere.”

“We have always worked as a team and we work even better now as parents,” Yiu Lin revealed of their secret to a happy marriage. “It’s very rewarding looking at our kids growing up and becoming unique individuals.”

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