10 years on from their royal union, the well-loved couple has solidified their love over a shared passion for life, values, hard work, and above all, a respect for each other’s culture and birthright.
The royal romance between the dashing ‘commoner’ and the charismatic princess has been told too many times, but having breezed past their their 10-year wedding anniversary, it’s only fitting we chart the inseparable duo's growth as one, since that fateful first date.

Wedding day, November 2007

When Dato’ Setia Aubry Rahim Mennesson first met the enigmatic, down-to-earth woman he would one day call his wife, it never occurred to him that he was in the presence of a princess.

Tatler Ball 2012

A few months into their courtship was when signs of her royal heritage emerged, but by then it was too late – the Frenchman had fallen head over heels for Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah.

Tatler Ball 2013

Tengku Zatashah was destined for greater things beyond the palace walls. With her parents, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah and Raja Zarina Raja Zainal as role models, the princess gleaned her father’s intellect and principles, and her mother’s philanthropic spirit. Her proactive nature was what attracted Dato’ Setia Aubry, among countless others.

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'60 Years of Made in Italy' exhibition 2013

Dato’ Setia Aubry, similarly, possesses an inextinguishable energy; for multiple businesses, Malaysia as his ‘home away from home’, and a love for marathons. But it’s undeniable that these passions was ignited in part to his beloved princess. 

Tatler Ball 2014

The princess is a paragon of her family’s values, upholding monarchical duties set upon by her father. To her and her family's delight,  Dato’ Setia Aubry proved a natural at embracing royal protocol, cutting a handsome figure in full royal regalia and completely at ease among members of state.

Louis Vuitton Store Opening 2014

The pair was introduced through a mutual friend when Tengku Zatashah was new in Paris. The princess was ahead of the curve, enjoying a worldly, career-driven life that saw her living in London, New York, Malaysia, and then, France.

'Big Hearts for Little Hearts' charity concert 2014

The couple married in Paris in November 2007, followed with an official wedding banquet in February 2008 at the Istana Alam Shah, Klang.

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Italian Jewellery Premiere 2014

The unconventional couple shares numerous passions – travel, business, and culture, among others. They even complement each other’s strengths and qualities as business partners for award-winning architectural lighting design firm, Light Cibles Group Malaysia


Maison Versace opening 2014

Their way of keeping up to date with the latest trends? Attending milestone launches and events of designer brands, particularly European ones that foster Malaysia’s friendship with foreign countries.

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TWINS: Oliviero Rainaldi exhibition 2015

Tengku Zatashah’s fondness for languages (and consequent specialisation in French and Spanish) from an early age were telling signs of her future adventures. Travelling and exploring new countries consume most of their relationship, from the start.


Grazia Iannarelli's birthday 2015

“Like me, she has travelled around the world and has a passion for books and culture. I admire her humbleness, her international mindset and her extraordinary intelligence,” Dato’ Setia Aubry quoted in a 2015 Valentine’s story.

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Tatler Ball 2015

To match his wife’s fluency in French, Dato’ Setia Aubry has picked up some considerable skills in the Malay language too, his favourite word being ‘buah hati’ in reference to his wife.


Marini's X Anna Fendi dinner 2015

The pair choose to amplify their vibrant and classy personalities in their fashion sense. Tengku Zatashah adores bright colours, sophisticated print and traditional outfits. Living up to his French panache, Dato’ Setia Aubry is connoisseur of the tailored suit and part-time ambassador of the traditional baju Melayu – songket and all.  

Tiffany & Co Masterpieces gala 2015

“We always end up explaining things in a deeper level so there would be no misunderstandings… So to avoid any misunderstanding, we always clarify on what we are trying to say,” explained Tengku Zatashah, on their secret ‘love language’.

Opening of Nobu KL club lounge 2015

The pair clearly enjoy every moment of their ongoing 'cultural exchange' program. “With time, I find my wife has become more French while I have become more Malaysian!” Dato’ Setia Aubry playfully quipped once.

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KL Business Club Gala Night 2016

Together, the couple endorses a range of campaigns. This year, it’s an anti-bullying #StandTogether initiative and a women empowerment movement, of which Tengku Zatashah was named as icon for Empowering Women Year 2018.

Le French Festival Opening Ceremony 2016

Travelling and outdoor pursuits seem to go hand in hand with this active pair. Serial marathoner Dato’ Setia Aubry thrives in the sunny climate, that makes an excellent setting to his running, swimming and biking training.  


Tatler Ball 2016

Not far behind is his princess, whose idea of fun is cardio-packed workouts like dancing, HIIT, and even a spot of diving to be close to marine wildlife.

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Opening ceremony of Le French Festival 2016

As the saying ‘It takes two to tango’ goes, a relationship like theirs is anchored by constant communication and conversation. Not a day that goes by without their affectionate bantering on social media, in part to Dato’ Setia Aubry's sense of humour.


Benjamin Yong's 40th birthday 2017

Speaking of friendship, the amiable couple make for ultimate squad goals too. No matter the event – birthday, wedding or business launch – their friends can expect their presence,  brimming with laughter and supportive words. 


The Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur 2017

Tengku Zatashah’s efforts in communication extends beyond her relationship, and her professional goals as president of Alliance Française in bridging French relations earned her the highest distinction of Knight in the Legion of Honour in 2017. A husband’s pride for his wife can only be felt, captured the very moment he pinned on her award.

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Cold Stone Creamery KL launch 2018

A couple that’s active together… enjoys eating together. To match output with input, both fitness addicts boast truly Malaysian appetites. Fine foods like steak and Cold Stone Creamery are some of their favourite treats, which they indulge in when dining out with foodie friends.