The showbiz sweetheart and her actor beau take their whirlwind romance to the next level, progressing from engagement to marriage in November 2017.

In the public eye

It’s no easy feat to keep a relationship under wraps for long if you’re a celebrity in Malaysia. But like regular people too, TV icons Nur Fazura Sharifuddin and Fattah Amin had met and fallen in love, marking the start of a private relationship in the public eye. Fans quickly caught wind of the signs, and thus marked the beginning of the endearing #Fattzura that has amassed more than a staggering 449,900+ posts.

Fazura and Fattah have remained commendably tight-lipped about their relationship since it surfaced in April 2017. To welcome the pair into married life, we chart these public milestones of their love, which led up to a November 27, 2017 wedding.

Their first meeting

Fazura, 34, and Fattah, 27, started off on a professional note, co-starring in Hero Seorang Cinderella. Fazura posted photos of them together on Instagram on April 4, 2017, and though it looked like just another romantic drama, their chemistry was palpable.

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Professional team

As part of the show, the pair travelled to shoot in Amsterdam. Amidst the romantic backdrop of Europe, fans were thrilled about the prospect of a potential relationship between their favourite actors.

Sparks fly

We can only guess how sparks could have flown as they experienced the country together. Acting the part of a couple in a foreign land soon evolved into real life. 

A string of appearances

As part of promotional campaigns lined up for Hero Seorang Cinderella, the well-heeled pair showed up in full swing for various meet-and-greet appearances.


 Budding signs of a romance

Although Fazura and Fattah were technically appearing as themselves at events, it seemed like they had reprised the role of lovers quite comfortably. Their body language, eye contact, and overall bond was intense, to say the least.

Coordinated wardrobes

Perhaps it was the telling signs of their colour-coordinated outfits spotted at one event after another, book signings and fashion showcases. Fans took those as subtle cues to their relationship status…

 TV’s dream couple

After the last episode of Hero Seorang Cinderella was aired in June, Fazura and Fattah announced a collaboration on a second drama, Wanita Terindah, via Instagram on June 30. #Fattzura had just began to take flight. 

On-screen couple once more

By now, Fazura and Fattah were naturals at perfecting the look of love. July was a month of filming for Wanita Terindah, and Fazura kept their fans on tenterhooks with more behind-the-scenes shots. 

First magazine cover

July was also the month they became open about romantic links with the release of their first debut cover for EH! magazine. It may or may not be a promotional move, but it was clear to see they were coming out together, alongside the cover line of “What would they do for love?”

Woo her with roses

Fattah demonstrated what he would do for love on August 21, when he stepped on stage to present Fazura a bouquet of flowers at her House of Doll fashion show.

"My Hero"

Filming was over, yet the two remained close. For a gentleman to cheer a lady and openly give her red roses is a gesture of affection. And for Fazura to acknowledge him as her ‘hero’ – well, that’s affirmation.

 The #Fattzura birthday

September gave fans an insight to how serious Fazura and Fattah were for one another. The serial co-stars celebrated their birthdays, throwing a massive birthday bash to the endearing theme of #Fattzura.

I only have eyes for you

With lovestruck gazes and constant side-by-side, Fazura was wordlessly indicating at a relationship status, apparently brought to life from behind the film lenses.

In their own world

Fazura and Fattah had begun embracing the part of lovebirds in October: case in point, their joint appearance at a Coach launch event.

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Read between the lines

They only had eyes for each other and were physically closer together. They barely left each other’s side throughout the duration of the event. Once more, what could it be

#Fattzura fever

The pair carried on their charade with fans on November 3, at the gala premiere of their second TV show Wanita Terindah.

Electrifying connections

Dressed in matching blue, Fazura and Fattah balanced their attention for each other, meeting fans and posing for photos, while occasionally sharing a laugh.

Visiting the Holy Land

Family came into the picture, when they performed a religious trip to Mecca on November 15. Fazura and Fattah were accompanied by both their immediate families for umrah, a sign that they were entering the next step of their relationship.

We're engaged!

On November 23, the couple set the record straight: their engagement had taken place on November 13. In the press conference right after their return from Saudi Arabia, Fattah expressed that the engagement was kept under wraps to respect the privacy of his family. It was a cosy little do, but the couple couldn’t have looked more happier and blessed, when their engagement photos were released on November November 27.

#Fattzura's finery 

For the intimate ceremony, Fazura donned a lilac kebaya designed by Rizman Ruzaini, featuring lace detail throughout the bodice and a sheer veil. The groom wore a fitted lilac baju Melaya with songket.

Making it official as man & wife

A day later, Fazura and Fattah dropped another bomb via Instagram: the private wedding had happened on November 27 at an undisclosed hotel in KL. Absolutely aglow, Fazura wore a pristine white Rizman Ruzaini baju kurung, with delicate bead and sequin embroideries. Fattah kept it clean and traditional, with a baju Melayu by Altelia Amani.

Better together

Now that’s a dream love story come to life. 

A grand reception

The union was far from over for this beautiful pair, who threw a spectacular wedding reception on February 25, 2018. The evening affair saw the couple transform into modern day prince and princess, with Fazura looking like a vision in an embellished white gown and Fattah, dapper and charming in a black suit. Fazura later changed into 2 gowns, a pink fairytale dress and a shimmery silver number complete with tiara, in yet another ceremony to celebrate married life. The couple's outfits were created by Rizman Ruzaini and the event made a reality by award-winning wedding planner Reka Teemor.

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