The young, starry-eyed lovers who graced Malaysia Tatler’s October 2016 cover left us with enough warm and fuzzy feels to last a lifetime. Underneath the husband-and-wife’s chipper exterior, however, lies a bedrock of solid values, endless devotion and maturity beyond their years. Follow the couple’s best Kodak moments through the years as they take on marriage, family and milestones – always with a generous dose of humour and fun.

Going steady and ready

Flashback to Tatler Ball 2013, when our bright-eyed young lovers take to the red carpet together. The couple had been dating for 8 years before Marcus eventually proposed in 2016, and it's clear he wasn't about to let Juvene out of his sight.      

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All smiles for the camera

Though they admittedly live for the simple things in life, it can't be said that the couple skimped on their flair for dressing to the nines when attending glamorous gala events about town hand-in-hand.

The fun side of life

While on a visit to Minneapolis in 2015, Marcus and Juvene showed us what it really meant to throw all caution the wind in the quest to nail the perfect mid-air wefie for Instagram.

Not long after this shot was taken, the couple got engaged and wedding plans quickly got underway. 

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Bridal showers and blissful moments

Laughter all around, a ring on her finger and loved ones by her side: what more could a beaming Juvene ask for? A blissful bachelorette party with Dior, that's what.

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Before 'I Do'

Meanwhile, Marcus and his best mates were also busy with their own bachelor party to plan, courtesy of Dior Homme.

Dabbin' down the aisle

Life’s too short for a boring wedding reception, as then newlyweds Marcus & Juvene knew all too well once their big day came.  

In the company of family and close friends like Chryseis Tan and Daryl Foong, Marcus and Juvene tied the knot in a grand ceremony at the St. Regis Kuala Lumpur, staging an epic dance for the crowd with the help of groomsmen and bridesmaids.

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When you've found the one in a million

If looks could talk, the adoring one Marcus is giving Juvene here says it all. As Marcus himself told us back in 2016: "Being in Juvene’s company means the world to me and makes me happy. We could each be doing our own thing and not having a conversation, but it feels right."

Next step: married life

At their interview for our October 2016 shoot, Juvene gave us a glimpse into that deep, unspoken connection, and the bonds that kept them together even through the tense periods of life: "We do have disagreements once in a while as most couples do, but during those fights we never put each other down. Our connection is stronger than that."  

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As Mr & Mrs

What a way to wrap up 2016! Attending their first Tatler Ball as a married couple, this gregarious pair didn't miss a beat, nor did they miss their chance to sneak in a quick dab pose for the camera.     

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Party people

The newlyweds turned up to party the night away at the Generation T 2017 party with fabulous Gen T 2017 personalities like Melissa Sin, Lee Yin Yen and Datin Dian Lee.

Adventures around the world

Globe-trotting together regularly sees Marcus and Juvene at a slew of unique experiences in various places, including the famed Belgium-based music festival Tomorrowland in 2017. 

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Highlight in 2018

Spotted at what was undoubtedly one of the grandest weddings of 2018 - the wedding of Chryseis Tan and SM Faliq Nasimuddin - Marcus and Juvene once again flashed those pearly whites, blending in with the dreamy pastel-pink ambience.  

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Through it all

Playful, energetic and down-to-earth, the couple always manages to take time out to enjoy a fun night out, no matter how busy life gets.

A sky full of stars

In early 2018, we asked Juvene to choose a love song that best described her and Marcus’ relationship. Unsurprisingly, she responded with Coldplay’s A Sky Full Of Stars, a feel-good anthem with larger-than-life lyrics about embracing the fun of life through its ups and downs. A fitting soundtrack? We thought so too.

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The ties that bind

Though much has changed since the start of their relationship, what remains constant throughout is their love for each other and for their families.

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To infinity and beyond

The only thing better than on-camera dabbing? Facing the future together hand-in-hand – partners in crime, and lovers for life.

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