Cover October 2018, Malaysia Tatler Ball

Since tying the knot in an elaborate wedding reception on September 30, 2013,

Lim Ai San and Tan Shen Wain have reaped the fruits of love with a beautiful family of 6. The pair, whose relationship milestones were adorably made under the influences of full moon occasions, are now parents to 2 girls, Tan Rue Shan and Tan Rue Mae, and 2 boys, Tan Rae Zen and Tan Rae Den. No modern, millennial romances can live up to the way they met, too. Wherever they go, Ai San and Shen Wain have got to be that sporting and low-frills couple you can count on for a chat about anything from parenthood, fitness, and food. To fête the much-loved couple, we’ve compiled their relationship milestones in a photo gallery starting from their dating days.

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