Cover Esther Sham and Sunny Tan bring in the Year of the Ox with a family photoshoot. (Photo courtesy of @cheftata/Instagram)

See how the Tatler community celebrated the start of the Year of the Ox

Who doesn’t love a four-day weekend? Aside from the Chinese New Year celebrations, this long weekend was the perfect opportunity for rest and relaxation. If you were in Hong Kong this year, the city had much to offer—even within the parameters of social distancing. From staycations and dining out to exploring the great outdoors, Hong Kong was buzzing with activity and fun as the Year of the Ox rang in.

From Douglas Young toting a plum blossom tree in his vintage AC Ace convertible to Laura Cheung's family photo session, see how Tatler friends celebrated the New Year.

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Douglas Young

Victoria Tang-Owen and Christopher Owen

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