In our 'Champion Fathers' series, we give you a sneak peek into our June 2014 Sports issue where we feature six successful men who find joy in passing on their love for sports to their children.

Growing up, you will realise that there is one topic that never fails to surface in a man's conversation and that is sports. Sports has always been part and parcel of every man's life, especially fathers. They are the ones who will always try to find an opportunity to acquaint their favourite game with their children. 

In the month of June when FIFA World Cup and Father's Day are both happening, it was only fitting that we put a focus of fatherhood and sports in our June 2014 issue.

In the first part of the 'Champion Fathers' series, we share with you three successful men on how they find joy in sharing sports to their children. These men proved to us that they are champions and coaches in their respective families.

Nor Rahimi Rahim with Amir, Alyssa and Aryanna Ibrahim
His daily responsibilities as the technical director of Asra Murni Sdn Bhd can be quite demanding but Nor Rahimi Rahim still considers raising his children, Amir, Alyssa and Aryanna, his top priority. To this Penang-born ‘kampung’ boy, spending time outdoors with his family is an activity he takes very seriously.

Nor makes sure he is always home in the evenings to take his family to the park for an excursion. He even signed up his two elder children for a 5km run recently.

“Seeing the glow on their faces when they finished the race was a great reward for me,” he beamed with pride.
Having three children, close in age, can be quite a daunting task. “They really teach me about patience,” he laughs. “Funnily, having them in my life has made me realise that the best and most significant ‘job’ that I could ever have in life is that of a father. It is truly very fulfilling.”

John and Kayden Chua

The recent loss of John Chua’s father and mother in the same year was a devastating moment for him but it also taught him an important lesson: “Spend as much time as you can with the people you love!” This is why he chooses to be a hands-on parent to his son, Kayden. John reflects on that moment when his wife Meera Sen delivered their only son.

“I was by her side through it all and a feeling of hope and responsibility filled me as I cut the umbilical cord. When I held him in my arms the first time, his eyes opened and he looked straight at me with a smile,” he shares.

From observing Kayden’s bubbly and confident disposition, it is clear that he knows how much he is loved—a certainty that is formed from his parents’ vows to always be there for him when he needs them. “We always go everywhere as a family unit. So far my wife and I have yet to travel without him because we take him with us wherever we go!” shares John.

Bobby and Benjamin Ting

There is no doubt that little Benjamin is the apple of his father’s eyes—and vice versa as well. Whenever Bobby steps away from his sight, ‘Benji’ as his parents fondly call him, toddles around the room looking for him. “He’s always asking for his daddy when Bobby is not around. Benji’s eyes will always be  searching the room for him until he comes home!” shares Bobby’s wife, Shen-Tel Lee with a grin.

Sure enough, when he finally spots his father from a distance, Benjamin launches himself in the direction of his father with his arms outstretched, asking to be carried. The arrival of Benjamin was a blessed moment for his parents, as Bobby relates: “My wife tried for many years to conceive but unfortunately we were never successful. So when Benjamin came along, we cried tears of joy when he was born. Shen-Tel and I pinch each other every day to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have him.”

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Photography and Art Direction: Allan Casal, Styling: Azza Arif