Cover Cathy Chui Lee collaborates with McDonald’s for “Moral Values” picture books (Photo: Chen Man)

Cathy Chui Lee creates bilingual picture books to spread positivity to children everywhere, in a series launching on August 13

Cathy Chui Lee has been busy: the mother-of-four has partnered with McDonald’s and local illustrator Yan Yan Wong to create six picture books in a series entitled Moral Values, launching on August 13.

With each book conveying a positive life lesson, the collaboration aims to encourage parent-child reading in the city. The collaboration is a first for Lee and the fast food chain and is inspired by Lee’s own experience as a mother and the challenges involved in raising children.

“I really enjoyed the process of creating the books. Through discussing the illustrations with [my daughter] Hayley, I’ve understood more about her thoughts,” Lee says. “Reading with children is one of those irreplaceable parent-child moments. I hope that through the launch of the books with McDonald’s, parents will have more in-depth communication with their children at reading time, grow together, and help them deal positively with problems they face growing up, bringing them closer.”

Lee is known for her commitment to charity and she greatly values giving back to the community. She is the first Asian patron of Save the Children Hong Kong and is an advisory board member of the Hong Kong Red Cross. She also serves as a goodwill ambassador of the Chi Heng Foundation.

Since the launch of McDonald’s “Happy Reading” initiative in 2015, more than six million children’s story books have been distributed and Lee hopes to continue its success.

Moral Values is divided into six life lessons: Show Empathy, Seek Help, Be Honest, Respect Others, I Can Do It, and Protect Yourself. Each is designed to reflect the difficulties children face while growing up. I Can Do It looks at learning to ride a bicycle, encouraging children to remain positive when facing challenges. Be Honest is about a girl who confesses to lying.

By highlighting important lessons in a fun, vibrant way, the initiative’s goal is that children will learn positive values and attitudes towards life, while also encouraging more meaningful parent-child interaction.

For three consecutive weeks, starting August 13, customers who buy a Happy Meal will receive one of the Moral Values picture books. For each, McDonald’s will also donate $1 to Ronald McDonald House Charities Hong Kong to help sick children and their families.

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