What happens when an urban farmer and an industrial designer team up? Creative sparks fly, of course. For a special project organised by Cartier and Generation T, Gen.T listers Olivia Lee, who helms her own industrial design practice, and Bjorn Low, who co-founded the urban farming enterprise Edible Garden City, were posed with a challenge of identifying a need in Singapore and finding an innovative solution that showcased both their expertises. The duo chose to counter the issue of disappearing plants from our local landscape and conceptualised a seed bomb—a portable seedling that can be cast into the wind or dropped into the soil without planting discreetly and at anytime.

The cheeky idea embodied the philosophy of Louis Cartier, who pioneered the world’s first wristwatch for his friend and pilot, Alberto Santos-Dumont, to time his flights in an easier, more practical way. This resulted in the birth of the Santos de Cartier, an icon of the brand until today. The collaboration between Bjorn and Olivia culminated in a two-session event at Cartier’s Ngee Ann City boutique, where the duo engaged in an intellectual discourse about their idea with guests.