Following up on our lead story this month on social entrepreneurship, Rebekah Yeoh shares with us how we can contribute to a better society in our little way.

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Our lead story this month gave us a good introduction to the fast upcoming industry of social entrepreneurship.

We can see why it’s catching on so steadfastly – upping the traditional form of business with a model that benefits the underprivileged and brings forth a permanent change for the good to our society is not only innovative, but also highly sustainable. 

Testifying for exactly that is Rebekah Yeoh, corporate finance manager at YTL Corporation by day, social Shaper at Global Shapers Community Kuala Lumpur by other hours outside of the office. 

“Joining Global Shapers made me realise that this is a great opportunity for me to do community service in Malaysia,” she shares. “We don’t have enough outlets to do so and there is a growing interest in this country for more social enterprising.” 

Global Shapers allows anyone and everyone to give back through a series of projects that it has on going. All you have to do is pick which cause resounds the most with you, whether it is the homeless, children, women and/or education, and contribute your part. 

“Global Shapers is great because they can customise projects to your social interest. It is made for your personal philanthropic interest,” Yeoh tells further. 

Here are little ways you can be part of the greater circle of social entrepreneurship even if – especially if – circumstances don’t allow you to quit your current job and take up post at a social enterprise full-time just yet.


On its site, Global Shapers offers 4 main causes which you can be a part of: BetterStreets (an urban rejuvenation effort that tackles vandalism through art), My First Job (an initiative that matches unemployed fresh graduates to potential jobs through workshops by talent management experts), Food For All (a meal-packing project that educates children on healthy-eating and delivers well-balanced meals to childcare centres to raise awareness on urban poverty) and After 5 (a programme to help post-SPM students  find a clearer direction about their future). 

“Come and help us pack meals and feel like a part of the community; you can let anyone in Global Shapers know and we can direct you to the projects that most interest you.” 

Contribute Ideas

Outside of the 4, Global Shapers is also always open to new ideas for projects and welcome collaborations of any kind. If you have a social enterprising idea you have in mind but don’t know the way nor have to resources to execute it, you can always contact the Global Shapers’ website and have someone guide you through the project.

“We’ve devised projects that have reached out to so many different demographics in Malaysia with an objective to mitigate dire issues faced and ignored by our community. We have even adopted an “Impact Advisory” consultancy role for individuals interested in developing their own social enterprises.” 


If time is really not on your side, then help open doors for the project of others through monetary donations. While there isn’t a payment portal on the site, individuals are always welcomed to reach out to Global Shapers and find out which projects need funding. Every little bit goes a long way.

“Your contributions can go to specific projects whether it is After 5 or BetterStreets. Individuals can do it too, not just corporations. I have faced many who have little to no faith in the good doing of charity. Though I agree that it may not be the most sustainable and that giving to beggars only leads to more beggars just as eating shark fins leads to more sharks being hunted, it is no excuse to exempt yourself from doing something about it.”

Log on to Global Shapers Community KL's official website here to learn more.

(Photo: Globals Shapers Community and ThinkStock Photos)

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