The happiest days in the lives of these brides-to-be have been put on hold; here is how their plans have had to adapt, and why 2021 could be the year of weddings

Jessica Wilson

An international romance is nothing new for Jessica Wilson and fiancé, Moritz Gastl. The brand manager behind Sunnies Face first met Gastl in the Netherlands during the fall of 2011. After successfully working on their relationship long-distance (with Wilson in London and Gastl still in the Netherlands), the pair had settled down together in the Philippines for six years before Gastl proposed by the shores of Papua New Guinea last year. What followed was a frenzy of exciting wedding planning. The venue? Austria. The date? 2020.

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While the current year has brought an unforeseen pause to many exciting events around the world, Wilson and Gastl remain relaxed about rescheduling. “I wouldn’t say [rescheduling] has been stressful or difficult. Aside from the fact that I have been loving the whole wedding planning process, this gives me more time to look at wedding inspirations and bridal gowns. We’re just enjoying this prolonged engagement,” Wilson says. 


Their marriage, which was supposed to have taken place in September this year, has been postponed to September 2021, when the bride and groom can say their vows among family and friends in Salzburg, a historic town north of Austria. “We didn’t feel comfortable putting people in that situation [of attending a large gathering without social distancing] nor did we feel comfortable celebrating the way we wanted to with everything that’s going on,” the bride adds. 

The couple has sent letters to their guests to announce their postponement and have received overwhelming support over their decision. “This engagement phase and wedding planning have been so magical and exciting but often, can also feel rushed and stressful. I am happy to use these extra months to slow down. To fellow brides, remember how lucky you are to have your partner by your side. On your wedding day, you’ll feel that much surer about spending your life with him.”

Samantha Hiranand

Entrepreneur Samantha Hiranand and her fiancé, Carlos Otermin, had originally planned to marry in Spain in September of 2020. Their exciting line-up of events had included dress shopping in India and a bachelorette party at Montauk in New York. With the current travel restrictions, however, the couple had no choice but to adjust. “Everything is up in the air right now with respect to travel, so we don’t know where things are headed!” Hiranand says.


Earlier this year, the couple already travelled to Spain to meet with their wedding planner and suppliers for the first time. “I was so excited to start planning and solidifying the details,” Hiranand shares. “But then ECQ was called in March. By then, we still had hopes that by September, we’d be able to push through. When May came around, we realised the situation was worsening so we decided to postpone the wedding.”

The couple informed their guests of their decision through e-mail. They moved their wedding date from September 2020 to an indefinite date in 2021, hoping for more clarity by December this year. “Our friends in the United States and Spain were surprised that we were postponing the wedding since people abroad are still pushing through with theirs. I guess the overall environment of Covid is more amplified here than in other countries,” the bride says.

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Though bit disappointed, Hiranand still thinks it is important to be patient and take things one day at a time. “Consider a smaller crowd for your wedding,” she answers, when asked about the advice she’d give for other couples planning a celebration. “You can still start your new life with your significant other now, then have a party later on when things get better.”

Ava Daza

In January, Ava Daza and Luch Zanirato tied the knot in an intimate civil wedding ceremony, culminating in a chic reception at the Manila Polo Club. In attendance were a handful of the couple’s closest friends and family including Gloria Diaz, the bride’s mother, and Isabelle Daza-Semblat, the bride’s sister.

Daza’s nuptials were originally set to take place in Italy, like Semblat’s, last May 5. Since the pandemic broke out, however, it had to be postponed, in fact not once but twice: first in August 2020 and finally, back to May 5 but next year. “After a week of hearing all the news, we agreed to move the August 2020 date to a 2021 date because it just felt like the safest decision to make,” the bride says. 

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While this Cinco de Mayo wedding will surely be a lively event, it is also causing a bit of anxiety for the newlyweds. “I think the most difficult part is really the uncertainty of things. We are planning for next year but concerned over the possibility that it might not push through,” the bride elaborates. Fortunately, their guests have been very understanding. The couple first announced their postponement with a cute Instax shot of both in masks.

“Something I keep reminding myself of is that I just need to keep calm and be open to all the possibilities because at the end of the day, I still get to marry Luch,” Daza says. Her advice for fellow brides echoes a familiar sentiment among other couples who have had to postpone their weddings. “This pandemic has really forced me to take a new perspective on things. At the end of the day, as long as everyone is alive and healthy, I am happy to celebrate this milestone at a more appropriate time!”

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