Cover Florence Fang, Emmy Tellier, Mariam Teh and Faridah Teh

Together with Swiss luxury watchmaker Blancpain, Malaysia Tatler invited 30 ladies for an afternoon of leisure to celebrate another year gone by. Guests like Angelyn Chong, Mariam Teh and Datin Usha Nair were drawn like moths to a fire to the gorgeous dessert spread, prepared meticulously by Nathalie Gourmet Studio. Emmy Tellier from Blancpain welcomed everyone with a short speech before passing on the floor to feng shui consultant Jessie Lee, who talked about the correlation of time and opportunities in our lives. Jessie then conducted a series of one-on-one sand reading consultations with our guests to guide them on their fortunes for the forthcoming year. Everyone walked home with a fresh Christmas garland made out of pine leaves and fir blossoms as a token of appreciation.