Jane Louey served some serious looks for our July cover shoot, proving that nothing—not even insects or Hong Kong's sweltering summer heat—can dampen her mood. Join us behind the scenes in the video below

Jane Louey is a trooper. There’s no better way to describe her attitude during our cover shoot at the International Riding Centre in Yuen Long. It was a sweltering day and yet she appeared as cool as a cucumber, even playing ball with photographer Olivier Yoan. She donned the clothes stylist Harry Lam had chosen for her with panache and had no qualms about picking up the baby goats that roam the centre.

While some of us on the Tatler team were bitten viciously by mosquitoes, none attacked Jane‚ maybe because she stayed so remarkably composed throughout the day. “I love a challenge,” she told us as she lay on the grass in beautiful couture, the creepy crawlies that live there far from her thoughts. 

Jane, a mother of three and the wife of James Louey, brought her own stylist and hair and make-up person. “I’ve worked with them for some 10 years. I trust them completely,” she said. And justifiably so, as she looked positively radiant, even while handling the animals and elegantly swatting away insects when they dared to land on her gorgeous couture.

“This was a lot of fun,”  she said as we wrapped up. “I’ve never done a shoot like it.” 

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Photography: Olivier Yoan | Styling: Harry Lam | Location: International Riding Centre | Hair: Dickey Blue | Make-Up: Kamen Leung | Stylist's Assistant: Sam Fung

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